Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cancun, Mexico, could be the best option for people who struggle to afford this extensive restoration in the US. Compared to the US, treatment in this Mexican city is 60 – 70% less.

In this article, you will find all about Cancun’s full mouth dental implants – cost, procedure, benefits, and more. So, read on.


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Patient Testimonial: Full Mouth Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico
Full mouth reconstruction includes procedures like Full Mouth Implants, All on 4, All on 6, and 8.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cancun

Safety and the low cost of dental treatment in Cancun make it a popular tourist destination. [1]

Here are some reasons to get your full mouth dental implants in this beautiful city.


  • Dental makeover in Cancun is much cheaper than in the US.
  • Expect to save about 70% even after spending on travel costs.


  • The treatment is high-quality as our partner dentists are well qualified.
  • The restorations are also backed with a guarantee.

Greater Connectivity

  • Flights from major US cities are cheap.
  • You can reach Cancun in 3 hrs from the US and 3.5 hrs from Canada by flight.

Tourism Options

  • Considered a tourist haven, Cancun is safe.
  • Avoid Cancun from August to October due to the hurricane season. [2]

You can read more about safety in Cancun here.

Cost of Full Mouth Rehab in Cancun

The cost of full mouth restoration (per arch) in Cancun* can range from $7,680 to $16,035. The same will cost around $24,000 – 35,000 in the US.

Even the cost of All-on-4/6/8 dental implants in Cancun cuts to less than half in the US.

Depending on the treatment plan and coverage, dental insurance may pay for some costs associated with your full mouth rehab. [3]

However, Cancun has many affordable options for full mouth restoration, enabling you to save up to 70% without sacrificing quality – “The Dentistry in Cancun is One of the Best in the World.” [4]

Cost of Full Mouth Restoration in Cancun, Mexico vs. US (USD)
Procedure US Cancun, Mexico
All on 4^ $24,000 $7,680
All on 6^ $28,000 $9,480
All on 8^ $35,000 $11,280
Implant denture/snap-on dentures $6,000 $3,145
Full Porcelain Crown $1,900 $420
Zirconium Crown $2,000 $450
Porcelain Veneer per unit $2,500 $420
Bone graft (per unit) $1,200 $200
Sinus lift $2,500 $1,500
^Including fixed acrylic hybrid denture per arch
*Prices are subject to change.
*Most full mouth restoration cases involve all teeth in the mouth. But each case is unique and depends on the clinical situation.

The restoration may include reconstruction with:

  • Full mouth implants Crowns
  • dental bridges
  • Smile makeover with veneers & additional procedures like a root canal.

If procedures like bone grafting and a sinus lift are added, the price may slightly shoot up.

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Full Mouth Restoration Clinics in Cancun

When it comes to choosing the best dental clinic, we recommend two top-rated implant clinics in Cancun.

Our partner clinics in Cancun have a team of prosthodontists, implantologists & periodontologists involved in the treatment.

The clinics boast of state-of-the-art technology at par with the US or Canada.

✅ On-site full-service dental lab

✅ CAD/CAM to make high-quality porcelain crowns in a day!

✅ CT scan imaging with SCANORA® 3D and panoramic X-rays

✅ Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) for diagnosis

Let’s hear some more about the clinics in the following videos:

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Top Dental Clinic in Cancun, Mexico

Full Mouth Restoration Dentists in Cancun

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Cancun Reviews

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All on 5 dental implants in Cancun

Review for Dental Makeover in Cancun

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars

I became a patient at Dentaris after a recommendation from a few friends around 5 years ago when I moved to Cancun.

Since then I have completed a full makeover of my smile with the help of Dr. Berron and Dr. Salcido (braces, bone removal, gum alignment, 8 veneers, and whitening).

Hayley Mullen - patient review

I was an especially nervous patient but all the staff were helpful and friendly and spoke fluent English which made me more comfortable.

I would recommend Dentaris over any private dental establishment I had previously experienced whilst I was living in England.

I was so happy with my results that I brought my sister over from the UK to do some of the same procedures.

– Hayley Mullen, Durham, England

What is Full Mouth Restoration?

The objective of full mouth rehabilitation is not only to reconstruct and restore the worn-out dentition but also to maintain the health of existing teeth. [5]

Teeth and gums, the chewing muscles, and the joint all function together.

Therefore, it is important to consider all of these during full-mouth restoration.

The exact nature of your mouth restoration procedure will vary depending on the extent and type of damage to your teeth.

It may include a combination of dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, and cavity fillings.

Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration - before and after

Following are “Types of Full Mouth Rehab“

Full Mouth Rehab with All on 4

All the teeth are replaced by four implants in each jaw.

The cost of All on Four in Cancun ranges from $7,680 to $12,475.

This cost includes X-rays, CT scans, anesthesia, surgical charges, consumables, and acrylic fixed prosthesis in the implants.

👍 Advantages

  • Allow for immediate function
  • This treatment modality does not need any bone graft.

👎 Disadvantages

  • Requires elaborate presurgical preparation such as CAD/CAM, and surgical splint.

All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants

Source: SCSOAJ [6]

Full Mouth Rehab with All on 6/8

When there is excessive resorption of the underlying bone, All on 6 or 8 implants is an alternative.

The cost of All on 6/8 in Cancun ranges from $9,480 to $16,035.

This cost includes X-rays, CT scans, anesthesia, surgical charges, consumables cost, and a sinus lift (if required).

👍 Advantages

  • Improves oral health
  • Bone grafting is rarely required
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

👎 Disadvantages

  • As the number of implants is more, it requires more invasive surgery.

All on 8 dental implants

All on 8 dental implants

Full Mouth Rehab with Crowns, Bridges & Implants

Full mouth reconstruction typically involves procedures like crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and inlays/onlays.

Your dentist will examine your mouth and suggest treatment options based on your dental condition.

A patient with healthy teeth unaesthetic is a good candidate for veneers.

The cost of dental veneers in Cancun varies from $5,000 to $6,800 for 12 teeth compared to $20,000 to $30,000 in the US.

👍 Advantages

  • Reduces the risk of bone loss
  • Maintains the facial structure

👎 Disadvantages

  • Risk of infection under the bridge and crown, if not well fitted.
  • Since there are so many procedures, it may take longer for full mouth rehabilitation.

Teeth Veneers

Teeth veneers

Source: News-Medical.Net [7]

Who Needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

This procedure isn’t just for the elderly. You can consider full mouth restoration in Cancun if:

✅ You’ve lost or fractured multiple teeth due to trauma

✅ Teeth are badly worn from decay

✅ Acid erosion damage the teeth

✅ Chronic teeth grinding

✅ You have chronic jaw muscle pain or headaches due to bite misalignment.

What to Expect From Full Mouth Rehab in Cancun?

On reaching Cancun, you will be driven to the hotel from the airport.

Day 1 – Evaluation

  • X-rays and any further investigation (if needed) will be done.
  • Treatment plan options will be discussed and a final plan is chosen.
  • If there are any pre-existing conditions, treatment is done for the same.

Day 2 – Treatment Begins

  • All on 4 – Implants are placed.
  • An acrylic denture is placed. All on 6/8 – Implants are placed (if adequate bone is present).
  • Full Mouth Rehab with Crowns, Bridges & Implants – Implants are placed, and tooth cutting is done to place crowns and bridges as needed.

Day 3-5 – Healing Phase

These are mostly free days for healing. In this period, you can take a vacation on the pristine beaches of Cancun.

Day 6-7 – Final Prosthesis

Crowns, bridges, and restorations are placed. If there are any restorations or adjustments to be made, these are done at this time.

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Dental Vacation in Cancun


Full mouth rehabilitation in Cancun, Mexico, is an affordable option that many people choose for convenience, quality, and cost.

If the dental procedure you need is financially out of reach at home, you should consider some of the options in Cancun.


The average price of a full mouth restoration in Cancun starts at $7,700 per arch, while you can’t get them for less than $24,000 in the US.

Thus, Cancun’s full mouth restoration packages are most beneficial to Americans who lack dental insurance.

The average price of all on 4 dental implants in Cancun is $10,000, the minimum price is $7,680, and the maximum price is $12,475.

You can get the best smile makeover package in Cancún, Mexico at less than half of the US cost.

  • Full mouth crowns cost as low as $10,800 in Cancun, while more than $36,000 in the US.
  • Similarly, a full set of porcelain veneers (16 units) cost less than $9,072 in Cancun. The average price in the US is about $40,000.

That’s up to 80% cost savings compared to the US!

Full mouth rehab in Cancun is not painful.

With newer anesthesia techniques like conscious sedation, dentistry has become more painless.

Our partner dentists in Cancun are well-versed with chair-side anesthesia.

Full mouth restoration is performed by a team of dentists, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, and periodontists.

Yes, dental clinics in Costa Rica offer a 2-5 year guarantee for dental work.

Some procedures, like implants, have a lifetime guarantee on implant components.

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