Are you suffering from severely damaged or missing teeth? It can affect your self-esteem and smile. Emax crowns in India are a cost-effective solution for your dental care.

Today, we will guide you in choosing Emax crowns in India to restore your front teeth and improve esthetics!

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

Why Choose Emax Crowns in India?

Apart from huge savings, there are many reasons to choose Emax crowns in India. Let’s have a look at some of them:

State-of-the-Art Clinics

World-class clinics in India endeavor to give their patients the best possible dental care.

Experienced Dentists

Dentists in India have been educated in the best international institutions. Also, The medical staff speaks English fluently.

No Waiting Times

You will be attended to immediately in India for the Emax crown procedure.

Perfect Vacation

A vacation in India along with dental work for the whole experience.

Emax Crowns Cost in India

A great solution to the high costs of Emax crowns in western countries would be to get Emax crowns in India.

Emax crowns price in India is approximately $120, while the same will cost you around $1,200 in the US.

Check out the prices in different cities in India:

Emax crowns cost in India
City Cost
Hyderabad $165
Jaipur $260
Delhi $150
Ahmedabad $112
Bengaluru $450
Mumbai $200

Emax porcelain crowns in India are up to 85% cheaper than in many Western countries.

This is due to the low cost of living. [1] Let’s compare the costs between India, the US, and Australia to understand the difference:

Emax crowns price across countries
Country Cost
India $120
United States $1,600
Australia $1,800
Canada $1,600
Prices can vary depending on each case.

Save up to 80% on Emax crowns today!

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Best Dentists in India

A team of dental experts is committed to offering you high-quality dental treatment solutions at an affordable price.

Best Dental Clinics in India

Dental clinics in India are equipped with modern dental equipment including CAD/CAM, and OPG coupled with a state-of-the-art sterilization facility and laboratory.

Clinics have carefully designed ambiance that is personalized to your preferences (temperature control or entertainment systems).

You’ll feel comfortable and at peace during dental care.

Highlights of dental clinics in India:

  • Accredited clinics
  • Applying the latest technology in dental treatment
  • A holistic, personalized dental experience
  • Patient-centered treatment plans

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Emax Crown Material

Depending on the material of the dental crown, its attributes can also change.

Emax crowns are made with lithium disilicate.

This Emax crown material is durable and resembles a natural tooth color. [2]

Emax tooth cap lays on top of teeth to appear translucent.

This technique matches your natural teeth.

It also provides strength so that weak teeth resist breaking and the material is chip-resistant.

Emax Crowns in India

Emax Crowns

If you want to know more about different types our guide on dental crowns.

Emax Crown Preparation

E-MAX crowns belong to the group of cosmetic dentistry. They are highly preferred due to their pleasing aesthetics and durability. [3]

The EMAX crowns are the right solution for correcting the following dental problems:

Discolored teeth, broken teeth, crooked teeth & decayed teeth

Emax crown preparation depends on the condition of your teeth.

Typical steps a dentist follow are:

  • Examining and cleaning teeth
  • Reshaping the teeth
  • Removing or drilling out the damaged part of the tooth
  • Taking a digital impression of your teeth
  • Final fitting through dental surgery
  • Final color check against a shade chart
The dentist will tell you if you have to wear a temporary crown for two-three weeks until the new one is ready.

Source– DDS world [4]

E-max Crowns Advantages and Disadvantages

Emax crowns are worth the investment because they last longer and are aesthetically appealing.

However, like every dental work, Emax also has advantages and disadvantages.

✔️ The best match to natural teeth.

✔️ They are very durable because of their excellent strength.

✔️ They can be quickly fabricated by using CAD/CAM milling technology.

✔️ Require minimal removal of natural tooth structure.

✔️ Emax crowns are costly.

✔️ They may fracture because they are very thin.

✔️ Emax is more translucent, due to which they might not suit darker teeth.

✔️ They are suitable for replacing only a single tooth.

Source– BMC Oral Health [5]

Emax Crowns in India vs. Zirconia and Porcelain

Types of dental crowns

Types of Crowns

Crowns made of different materials have different properties. To know which kind could be the perfect fit for you keep reading.

Emax Crown vs. Zirconia

Both E-max crowns and zirconia crowns are widely used for cosmetic dentistry. They have several similar features, but also a few differences.

Here are a few significant differences between zirconia and E-max crowns:

Differences Emax Crown Zirconia
Esthetics More aesthetically appealing and translucent. Less aesthetically appealing.
Strength Stronger Less strong
Durability 5-10 years (with proper care) 10-15 years
Tooth Reduction More conservative preparation. More aggressive tooth preparation.
Cost $120 $150

Another significant difference is that E-max crowns are better for the front teeth while zirconian cover for back teeth.

Source– International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries [6]

Emax Crown vs Porcelain

Porcelain crowns are an alternative for people who have damaged dental sets. Although they are similar to Emax crowns in many ways, they are slightly different.

The differences between porcelain covers and Emax crowns are:

Differences Emax crowns Porcelain crowns
 Esthetics Highly appealing and translucent. Unappealing because the metal part is slightly visible.
Strength High-strength Strong, but not as Emax is.
Durability 5-10 years 5-15 years
Tooth Reduction More conservative preparation. More substantial tooth reduction is required.
Cost $120 $150

Source– NCBI [7]

Travel Tips for India

India is a land of contrasts. The rich culture and diversity of the country make it a location worth exploring.

Travel Tips for India

Travel in India

For local travel, there are multiple options like local auto, metro stations (in some cities), cabs, and local buses.

They are inexpensive, safe, and easily available modes of transportation in India.

Having said that being a vigilant tourist is also a wise decision.

Having said that being a vigilant tourist is also a wise decision.

Here are some helpful travel tips:

  • Keep bottled water with you
  • Try not to travel alone at night
  • Be sensitive towards Indian culture

And here are quick facts about India:

Criteria Information
Capital New Delhi
Time zone GMT +5.5
Drive on the Left
Currency Indian rupee (INR)
Emergency number 112

Emax Crown in India Reviews

Are you interested to hear the stories of former patients? This section provides testimonials to help you decide on the Emax crowns in India.


Choosing Emax crowns in India could be an affordable way for you to get natural-looking teeth and a confident smile.

Emax crowns in India can be a complete value-for-money option to replace missing teeth.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for any additional questions. We are willing to help you prepare for your dental trip!

FAQ’s on Emax Crowns in India

No, Emax is not more expensive in India than in other countries.

Emax crowns are very affordable in India, Emax crowns cost in India is approximately $120, while the same will cost you around $1,600 in the US.

You can save up to 75% on your dental treatment.

If done in India, E-max crowns can last around 10 years. [8] Sometimes, they can last longer with proper dental care.

They’re made of tough lithium disilicate material, making Emax an extremely durable option.

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