The video shows a dental implant surgeon talking about the use of modern technology to assist dentists at his dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

He also discusses the CAD/CAM technology used at his dental center.

A review of Mexican dental services reveals that Mexican dental centers – Los Algodones, Cancun, and Tijuana – offer first world quality at third world prices.

Watch on YouTube: “High Tech Dental Clinic in Cancun”


“An excellent…for example, as far as radiography, we only do digital. We have the newest as far as surgical kits for implants either for…or regular surgery.

We do have, as far as softwares, computer softwares, we have one that clinical administrative part as well as the odontograms.

So that we can explain to the patients treatment plans that throws away exactly the budgets and everything so that they can have the copies of this.

And as far as softwares for surgical implant planning, we have software that is excellent, we have iCAD in town.

That’s where we send all our patients for the iCAD with this iCAD and software to do our surgeries before we do anything on the patients.

That allows us to go in knowing what we are going to find, knowing quality of the bone that the patient is gonna have, know exactly what type of implant we’re gonna use, what’s the position of the implant.

It facilitates a lot of things for us and for patients of course.”

In another video, this top Cancun dentist talks about his dental staff.

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