The video shows a leading Prosthodontist from Cancun, Mexico discussing the qualifications of his staff. It makes a lot of common sense in getting dental work in Mexico since the staff is competent, facilities are world class, and the prices unbeatable.

Watch on YouTube: “Qualified Staff at Dental Clinic in Cancun”


“In my clinic, we are several doctors, myself included of course, I do most of the surgical part of implants.

And…to do we have an excellent prosthodontist, surgeon from Venezuela, she did her post grad in Mexico, she has been working with me for several years now.

We have a periodontist, he was the one that started the implant post grad at the university, national university in Mexico. He’s an excellent surgeon and periodontist.

“My associate in the…office is a prosthodontist again, she’s from Mexico, she did post grad in Mexico. She has many years of experience, excellent, very kind person.

And, we have two general dentists too, that do the restorative part.

“We try to do several good conventions, when I say good conventions I mean more than anything the academics, Academy of… Academy of restorative to prosthetic dentistry.

These are the main courses that we go to mainly because they are exposing us to the newest parts of dentistry, me being here doing…for four residents.

When I go there we get together, we discuss cases, we go over new techniques, whatever we are seeing, that’s the newest part of this dental we can do for our patients.”

It’s not just US nationals that find Mexican cities of Cancun or Los Algodones appealing for a dental vacation.

Canadians – aghast over the dental prices back home – also frequently take a trip down south for getting dental work done. Here’s a testimonial of a Canadian lady Cheryl reviewing the dental work in Mexico.

Why pay five times more for dental work when you can get quality dental work done in Mexico? To know how affordable your Mexican dental vacation can be, get in touch with us.

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