The video shows a Canadian resident sharing her first-hand experience of Mexican dental services. She also touches upon the safety at the Mexican dental facility.

Watch on YouTube: “A Canadian Reviews Mexico Dental Tourism”

Narration – “We drove from Red Deer to Calgary and we took a plane to Phoenix and then we took another plane to Yuma and then we stayed there overnight as the border was closed and we took a taxi to the border.

And when we crossed the border we just saw a drug store, and we went in there and had a phone, the Hacienda hotel and he came…this is what we did.

I felt very safe and the people were really nice and Tony and other man at the Hacienda was very nice and just always ready to help.

We’ve been happy with all the service.

The room there are fine. It’s just different from what we are used to, you know.

A little smaller, all the services are good and the girl that does cooking is good. I always enjoyed all the meals.”

Common sense dictates getting dental work in Mexico as the costs are 50-70% lower than those in the US, Canada, or Europe.

Los Algodones in Mexico, formerly a sleepy agrarian town, is abuzz with dental tourism activity.

Whether it’s hygiene inside Los Algodones dental clinic or the speed and professionalism with which dentists carry out their jobs, Algodones is matching steps with other Mexican big cities such as Tijuana or Cancun.

Why pay five times more for dental work when you can get quality dental work done in Mexico?

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