The video shows a Phoenix, Arizona resident share all her considerations to come to Mexico for dental work.

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“The United States, I have insurance there, but the procedure that they wanted charged for what they were gonna do here is practically like five times more than what I’m paying here, so it’s very reasonable.

Something that I can work with, they even are giving me a payment plan, which is wonderful that’s not even from Mexico, which is wonderful. So, I’m very happy with that.”

Expensive dentistry in the US is pushing patients to seek affordable dental work in Mexico.

And dental clinics at Mexican cities of Cancun, Tijuana and Algodones are leaving no stone unturned by sweetening the deals even more.

The easy dental payment plans are a case in point. Payment plans, which were unheard of for foreign patients, are becoming a reality.

Another advantage of Mexican dental vacation is the speed with which the dental work is orchestrated.

For instance, dentistry in Algodones is so swift that on an average, a patient is relieved within 48 hours.

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