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Testimonial – Swift Dentistry in Algodones

The video shows Julie Solomon from Minneapolis, Minnesota telling us about the speed with which affordable dentistry in Algodones is delivered, translating into early relief and freedom from unnecessary wait.


Narration – “You know, I don’t know, did my research on the internet and I had it narrowed down to three or four dentists and we kinda walked around and…my daughter went to a different dentist, actually two different dentists, she had lesser needs than me she just had couple of fillings and such.

“I decided to come here because you have your own dental lab and I was…schedule and with the other dentists in town you get maybe five days, four days. With you guys, I think you get things done in forty eight hours and so that made all the difference.”

In an another video, she tells us why she travelled to see a dentist in Los Algodones. Clearly, the affordability of Algodones dental clinics is unrivaled.

Affordability and dental work don’t usually go hand in hand. In Los Algodones they do. To see how affordable your dental work in Algodones can be, get a free quote by filling the form to the right.