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Metal-free Dental Implants in Mexico

Traditional implants are made of titanium –Metal-free ZIrconia Implants a robust, long-lasting metal. However, they may not be suitable for people allergic or sensitive to metals. To overcome the limitations of titanium implants, modern dentistry has developed metal-free dental implants that are made of zirconia.

Zirconia implants are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. CeraRoot zirconia dental implant promotes complete osseointergration of the dental prosthetic with the jawbone.

Metal-free dental implants in Mexico are now available for substantially lower prices than in the United States and Canada. Read on to know what metal-free zirconia implants are as well as how they compare with traditional implants.

What are Metal-free Implants?

  • Zirconium is a lightweight metal known for its strength and resistance.
  • Zirconia implants are a non-metallic alternative to traditional titanium implants. With the aid of a chemical reaction with oxygen, zirconium (a metal) is converted to zirconium dioxide or zirconia.
  • Zirconia is a ceramic material and does not suffer from gradual degradation which metals suffer from.
  • Its tooth-like color makes it an aesthetic solution for missing teeth.

Why Go for Zirconia Metal-Free Implants?

  • Zirconia CeraRoot implants are bio-compatible.
  • People sensitive to titanium implants may suffer from itching or inflammation; however, zirconium oxide implants are hypoallergenic, which means they cause fewer allergic reactions compared to titanium implants.
  • Zirconia implants create an environment conducive to good oral hygiene because of their non-conductivity to electricity.
  • Because of complete osseointegration, meta-free CeraRoot implants givelasting stability to teeth.

CeraRoot Implants vs. Titanium Implants


CeraRoot Implants


Titanium Implants

Maintenance Their margin is the gum level, thereby making it easier to maintain them Their margin is at the bone level which is a breeding ground for bacteria and which cannot be cleaned by toothbrush
Aesthetics White in color; hence more aesthetic looking than traditional implants Low on aesthetics; because of their grey metallic these are embedded deep into the gum to hide them
Corrosion Zirconia is a bio-inert material resistant to corrosion Metallic surface is vulnerable to corrosion
Bleeding and inflammation Rare in ceramic implants as these are easy to clean More common in titanium implants than ceramic implants
Design Single-piece design with no connections present beneath the surface of the gum which leaves no scope for bacteria to thrive Two-piece design; bacteria and debris enter the gap emanating bad odor

Options for Metal-free Implants in Mexico

Dental Clinic in Los Algodones - MexicoLos Algodones

A dental tourism hub of Mexico, located less than ten miles from Yuma, Arizona in the United States.  In Los Algodones, you can have your meta-free implants at an American Dental Association (ADA) member clinic with highly experienced dental surgeons and competent bilingual staff.


Tijuana is another Mexican border city which is only about 18 miles from San Diego, California. Zirconia implants in Tijuana are provided at a state-of the-art clinic which complies with US OSHA’S hygiene regulations and was one of the first to be certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States.


A picturesque resort city located by the Caribbean Sea.Your dental implant work will be done at a leading clinic of Quintana Roo with a successful track-record since 1983. With meta-free zirconia implant costing about just $1,350, you can look forward to saving more than 70% over the prices charged in the USA.

Special Zirconia Implant Packages for Mexico

We bring highly affordable all-inclusive packages for metal-free implants in the leading dental tourism hubs of Mexico. Our packages include:

  • On-location assistance including a 24*7 destination manager
  • FREE ground transportation
  • Visa and passport assistance
  • Destination logistics
  • Airport concierge services

With CeraRoot implants in Mexico, you can look forward to a hassle-free experience. The country’s proximity to the United States and Canada, availability of board-certified dental surgeons supported by competent, English-speaking team, and reduced wait times make traveling south of the border for replacing missing teeth with metal-free zirconia implants a worthwhile option.

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