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Testimonial – Reasons to Visit Los Algodones for Tooth Crown

The video shows a California resident discussing all her reasons for choosing Algodones for dental treatment.

Narration – “My name is Jeannie Jongeward and I’m from Brawley, California about an hour away. I own a beauty school there and a real estate brokerage. We have a lot of business. My son and daughter-in-law referred us to come over here because they have been here several times and said that they had good work and they were happy with the prices and so recommended that my daughter and I come. So it’s been four years, my daughter had her all, all of her teeth were crowned and I did too and we’ve been very happy. Good smile!”

Algodones is fast becoming the epicenter of low cost dental work in Mexico, along with Cancun and Tijuana. This is impressive since Algodones is a small town situated near US-Mexico border. Despite being a small town, the success stories Los Algodones is scripting are noteworthy. Perhaps, it’s the dentistry competence and quintessential Mexican charm which makes a US national shun expensive dentistry back home and head to Los Algodones for low cost dental work, instead.

Why pay five times more for dental work when you can get same quality dental work in Mexico? To know how affordable your Mexican dental vacation can be, fill the price request form to your right.