Watch this video testimonial of Aurora from Arizona talk about her dental trip to Los Algodones, Mexico which she undertook for dental crowns, fillings and cleaning work.

Watch on YouTube: “Aurora Reviews Dental Crowns and Fillings in Los Algodones”

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Video Transcription

“Hi! My name is Aurora Agnes. I come from Sedona, Arizona.

Was this your first time with us?

“Yes, this is my first time and I had a very good impression of everything. Very tidy and neat and people are sweet. Good service.”

What treatments did you receive?

“I had 11 crowns, 2 fillings, panoramic x-ray, cleaning and brightening.”

How was your experience?

“I was very grateful for everything I needed was getting done and Ms. Breta and Dr. Eduardo were very gentle and considerate and helpful all the way through. So, it is Dr. Breta and Miguel.”

What is your favorite thing about your new smile?

“It looks beautiful and my front teeth which I am wearing now at the bottom and back – solid and steady. I am very happy with it.”

Were you happy with the staff?

“Excellent! Everybody here is very good and sweet. Above all, very good”

Was your dental work affordable?

“Are you kidding, I saved thousands! I am very grateful. Thank you!”

Did you enjoy your stay in Los Algodones?

“Yes, I had fun here and extra I had fresh carrot juice and very good food.”

Did you visit the Plaza?

“Yes, I had a facial and some things done on my skin that was very nice.”

Describe us in one word?

“Excellent and kind, I am very pleased. Thank you! Very grateful”

Final Word

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