Tiss from Norden, California traveled to Algodones for dental crowns, and is happy to have saved a significant sum.

In the below video he shares the experience of his dental trip:

Watch on YouTube: “Dental Trip to Los Algodones – Testimonial”

“Hi. My name is Tis and I’m from Norden, California. this is my second trip. Last week I had seven crowns done…1100 bucks…1120..really good deal.

They took great care of me. I’m back this week to get the other side of my mouth done.

“It’s been a week now. So I came back to get this other side done. I needed another bridge and I didn’t think I needed to run through here like the mill was on fire to get my teeth fixed.

“So this week I’m going to get the other side done, and I get another free night at the room, it’s another thousand bucks…that’s the least I’m spending. The same thing they picked me up.

And I wanna say that Diana and Tony couldn’t have treated me any better unless they brought me home and tucked me in at night. I mean they were just wonderful.

“They took care of stuff that I didn’t even know was going to be a problem and they already fixed it. I couldn’t say enough good stuff about them.

“You hear all the bad stuff Mexico this..Mexico that..I din’t see any of that. Now I’ve been to a lot of third world countries there are no bad dogs, I don’t see any drunks, I don’t see any bad guys, I don’t see any..

There’s no reason to be afraid…I just see old people walking around, getting their teeth fixed.

“The food’s good. The driver’s wonderful. Everybody’s pro… I can’t think of anything…any need I had that didn’t get serviced within reason.”

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