The video shows a California resident speaking about the affordability and ease of access of Los Algodones as a dental vacation destination.

Watch on YouTube: “Low Cost of Dental Work in Los Algodones”

Narration –

Impressed, simple. And it’s only an hour from where we live, so it’s close. I paid $3850 for mine; my daughter had different kinds of crowns and porcelains around $5000 for all of hers. When I went to see a friend of ours who is a dentist in Washington and he said his charge, when he looked at my teeth, he said his charge would be close to 40,000 dollars. So, what does that tell you? Big difference.

Algodones is attracting dental tourists like never before, owing partly to cleanliness and safety, and partly to affordability – the biggest advantage of Algodones dental vacation.

Why pay a fortune in the US, Canada, or Australia, when you can get same quality dental work at five times lower price in Mexico. 

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