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Same-day Implants Cost in India

The nominal same-day implants cost in India lures many people desiring an enhanced smile, minus the lengthy healing period of an implant, to this preferred dental tourism destination.

Among the multitude of foreign dental clients that throng India for dental treatment each year, an innumerable number arrive for installing hassle-free teeth in a single day, without having to shell out a fortune, especially those who are underinsured or uninsured.

According to a survey by the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 45 million Americans below the age of 65 years with private health insurance did not have dental coverage in 2008.

With dental care providers extending quality treatment to all clients through their state-of-the art equipment and technology, people seeking one-day dental implants in India hardly have to be bothered about the quality of service. These clinics are dependent on the dedication and commitment of their team of highly skilled and experienced dental professionals.

How Much for Same-day Dental Implants in India?

The price of same-day implants in their home countries acts as a deterrent for many westerners who are interested in boosting their self-esteem by replacing ill-fitting dentures with real-like teeth, that too in a matter of hours. The cost of same-day dental implants in India is only a fraction of what dental clinics in developed nations like the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada draw from clients.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2005–2008 found that almost 23% of American adults aged 65 and over were edentulous. Those seeking to get rid of dentures or replace missing teeth but unable to devote months of treatment for placement of implants have single-day implants as the best possible cost-effective solution.

Why get Single-trip Implants in India?

Here are some reasons which make India one of the most sought-after destinations for clients looking for one-day or immediate-load implants.

  • The low cost of living in India facilitates medical centers to provide quality healthcare services for a much smaller amount.
  • The same cause drives down the price of food, lodging, and transportation facilities. The savings due to the low cost of immediate-  load dental implants in India can be utilized in case of an extended period of stay or for taking part in tourism activities.
  • Observing the potential in dental tourism in the country, many dental clinics in India have made arrangements to cater to clients from other countries; the competition drives them to offer concessional rates.
  • You may ask for dental packages that are inclusive of after-surgery care and follow-up costs for the clients.

Before Going to India for Immediate-load Dental Implants

Clients willing to embark on a journey for undergoing one-trip dental implants in India would be eager to know about the expenses they would incur for the procedure.

  • You can research on the various modern clinics offering a good bargain. Look for accreditation of some reputed body, as an international accreditation guarantees that stringent measures are taken for assuring world-class expertise and patient care.
  • Directly make contact with the clinics’ representatives or teeth implant surgeons in India through email or telephone to enquire about the details and any hidden costs associated with the procedure.
  • If you receive a good concession, do enquire about clubbing other minor procedures with your same-day implant, say a scaling or teeth whitening in India, or any other procedure, provided it suits your budget.
  • Reading credible online reviews from satisfied clients would let you know whether the surgery was value for money or not.

With such nominal same-day implants cost in India, you can commemorate your brand new tooth/teeth by treating yourself to delectable Indian cuisines as you bask in the vivacious beaches of Goa, pick souvenirs from crafts bazaars in Jaipur, enjoy a tonga ride in Agra, or cruise in the backwaters of Kerela.

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