With this post on the same-day dental implant cost in India, we have tried to address your economical dimensions of cross-country dental work.

Same-day implants allow you to walk into a clinic with missing teeth and walk out the same day with new teeth. Here you go!

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People without insurance find it more attractive as they can have a quick replacement for their missing teeth without having to shell out a fortune.

Dentists in India are well-known for offering personalized treatment.

Moreover, they use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, so you won’t have to worry about subpar-quality services.

On top of that, these clinics are staffed by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced dentists.

Why Get Single-Trip Implants in India?

Here are some reasons which make India one of the most sought-after destinations if you’re looking for one-day implants.

Low Cost of Treatment

Affordable Dental Work

Affordable Dental Work in India
  • The cost of living in India is around 66% lower than in the US. [1]
  • This allows dental clinics to provide high-quality dental care services for lower fees.
  • Similarly, the lower living cost makes food, lodging, & conveyance affordable.
  • Additionally, you can utilize the price savings from cheaper same-day implants in India for indulging in various tourism activities.
  • Due to the increase in the popularity of dental tourism in India, many dental clinics are enticing patients from other countries.
  • This led to very affordable and competitive rates offered by numerous dental clinics.
Some dental centers may provide treatment packages that are inclusive of after-surgery care and follow-up costs.

High-Quality Services

High Quality Dental Work

High-Quality Dental Work in India
  • Our partner clinics in India offer personalized dental services.
  • Uses advanced technology, such as digital X-ray, model analysis, or CBCT.
  • International and high-quality brands from Sweden, Switzerland, the US, and South Korea.
  • These clinics are staffed by dentists that are specialized in implant dentistry and have over a decade of experience.
  • The staff can speak English, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.
Several clinics offer a long-term warranty for dental implants.

How Much Do Same Day Dental Implants Cost in India?

The cost of same-day dental implants is around 60% to 70% less than the cost in the US, UK, and Australia.

For instance, a same-day implant in India costs around $1,000, while a similar procedure will cost around $5,000 in the US.

You can also expect huge savings with the zirconium implant. It is usually priced at around $6,000 in the US.

But a single unit zirconium implant in India only costs around $650.

All prices in the comparison table below are standardized in USD for ease.

Cost of Same-Day Implants in India (USD)
Procedure India US UK Australia
Same-day implant with crown $1,000 $5,000 $2,500 $4,000
Titanium implant (single unit) $400 $5,000 $3,300 $5,500
Zirconium dental implant (single unit) $650 $6,000 $4,400 $6,500
All on 4 dental implants $4,500 $24,000 $16,000 $30,000
All on 6 dental implants $5,500 $28,000 $18,000 $22,500
*Prices might vary with each treatment plan.

The single-tooth implant cost in Delhi, Mumbai, and other Indian cities is a fraction of what dental clinics in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada draw from clients.

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Dental Implants: Teeth in a Day

A dental implant is a structure that is inserted within your jawbone to provide support for a fake replacement tooth. [2]

Essentially, dental implants allow you to replace any missing teeth with synthetic, customized ones that feel and look like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure

A traditional dental implant typically takes about 3-6 months to complete. [3]

On the other hand, same-day implantation requires a single visit and the surgery is much quicker as it skips the longer waiting months of healing/osseointegration. [4]

However, you might have to visit your dentist three times during the entire process for:

  • Consultation
  • Surgery
  • Follow Up

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant Procedure (Jawbone Grafting is Case Dependent)

Physical Examination

A dentist examines your teeth/jaws and reviews your medical history to ensure your safety.

Patient Examination

Removing Damaged Teeth

Your dentist then removes any teeth that are loose or damaged beyond repair.

In traditional implant placement, a dentist performs jawbone grafting if the bone isn’t dense enough to support the implants.

However, same-day implants skip the cases that need to have a bone graft. [5]

Damaged Tooth Extraction

Damaged Tooth Extraction

Implant placement

The metal implant is placed through an incision made in your jawbone.

Implant Placement

Implant Placement

Placement of New Teeth

  • Later your dentist attaches an abutment.
  • Your customized replacement teeth are then fixed into place.
  • You may not have a permanent tooth when you leave the clinic but you will have a real smile.

Single Dental Implant

Single Dental Implant

Who Can Get a Same-Day Implant?

As you may have noticed from the above procedure, a traditional dental implant will take months to complete.

On the contrary, same-day dental implants significantly shorten your treatment.

The procedure is similar to traditional implants, except that the osseointegration process is skipped.

The implant, abutment, and replacement tooth are all installed in one visit. Thus, you’ll walk out with a complete set of teeth. [6]

However, same-day implants are not for everyone.

In general, same-day implants are suitable for those who meet the following criteria:

  • No acute infection
  • Absence of gum disease
  • Good overall oral health
  • Not immunocompromised
  • Adequate jawbone to support implants

Source: Oral Implantology [7]

Success Rate of Same Day Implants in India

Research has shown that the success rate of immediate-load implants is comparable to traditional dental implants.

For instance, one study has indicated a success and survival rate of over 97%. [8]

Of course, the success rate of your treatment will also depend on the dental clinic and the expert you prefer.

Same Day Dental Implants: Aftercare

For enhanced durability and successful outcome, follow these tips to take care of same-day implants: [9]

Practice optimal oral hygiene

Ensure you brush and floss your teeth regularly, including the replacement ones, as per your dentist’s recommendation.

Avoid eating hard foods

While same-day implants allow your mouth and teeth to resume normal function very quickly, it’s important to avoid hard foods that may damage your teeth, especially in the initial stages of healing.

Avoid items that may stain teeth

Caffeine and tobacco may stain your teeth. It’s best to quit cigarette smoking before and after the implant procedure. This is because smoking can significantly increase the risk of dental implant failure. [10]

Dental Tourism in India

Before booking a flight to India for one-trip dental implants, here are a few preparations you should make.

  • Research a little about our partner clinics and their international accreditations.
  • Read credible online reviews about them for a better outlook.
  • Once you are sure, you can check these trending tourism spots in India to plan your itinerary.

With such affordable same-day implant costs in India, you can reserve the money for a vacation.

Treat yourself to delicious Indian cuisines as you bask in the gorgeous beaches of Goa.

Pick souvenirs from crafts bazaars in Jaipur, enjoy a tonga ride in Agra, or cruise in the backwaters of Kerela.

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How Many Implants Can You Have in a Day?

You can have as many implants installed on the same day as needed. This will be determined by your dentist.

Same-day all-on-4 dental implants allow you to have 4 implants inserted on the same day.

You will receive temporary replacement teeth in this procedure to complete your set of teeth.

Once your gums have healed, these will be replaced by permanent ones.


Getting same-day dental implants in India is a quick and convenient option to replace missing teeth.

Due to the affordable costs of same-day dental implants in India, you can expect massive savings.

It is crucial since dental implants aren’t typically covered by insurance.

FAQs: Same-Day Implants Cost in India

Same-day dental implants allow you to get any damaged teeth removed and replaced with a temporary prosthesis on the same day.

And later, these temporary teeth will be replaced with a permanent set once your mouth has fully recovered.

The immediate-load implant procedure may take several hours.

However, it is important to realize that the entire procedure, including the physical examinations, planning, and medical history review may not be done on the same day as the dental implant itself.

A single unit same-day implant in India costs about $1,000. Meanwhile, the same procedure may cost about $5,000 in the US.

The cost of a single tooth implant in India also depends on the material used.

For instance, a single unit titanium implant costs around $450, while a zirconium implant in India costs $650.

On the other hand, a single unit titanium implant in the US costs around $5,000, and a zirconium one may be priced at around $6,000.

You can save up to 90% off a single tooth implant procedure if you choose to have it done in India instead of in the US.

Most insurance plans do not cover the cost of dental implant surgery, whether it is done in India or in any other country.

This is because dental implants are deemed a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary.

Some insurance policies may cover the cost of certain portions of the procedure, such as the placement of a crown or bridge.

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