Watch Robert review his Dental Trip to Los Algodones, Mexico. He came down to Los Algodones for dental bridges and crowns from Maple Valley, Washington.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Robert and I live in Maple Valley, Washington.”

Is this your first time with dental work in Los Algodones?

“No. This is my third time here.”

What was your first impression?

“I was impressed by the number of staff and the quality of the facility.”

What type of dental work did you have in Los Algodones, Mexico?

“The first time I was here, I had my dental bridge replaced. I also had crowns installed.”

How was your dental experience here?

“I felt very comfortable and the doctors were great.”

What’s your opinion about the dentists and staff?

“I think they are well-qualified and I have been happy with all their support for my work for my teeth.”

What do you like the most about your new smile?

“Well, it looks good compared to what I had before I came here!”

How much have you saved in Mexico compared to the United States?

“I saved a lot of money by coming here! Prices back home are four times more than what they are here.”

Did you enjoy your stay in Algodones?

“Yeah, I did! It’s a fun community with some new shopping opportunities. I stayed at the Hacienda Hotel, which is a clinic facility and, you know … a lot of other people who had done their dental work here was great. You talk to people who are having similar work done. Rows of shops and saw what the Mediplaza has to offer.”

If you had to describe us in one word, what would it be?

“Fantastic! They pick you up at the airport and show you to your hotel. They take you back to the airport when your work is completed. That’s a huge benefit for people that are seeking dental work in Mexico.”

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