A leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica informs about the possible risks involved with dental implants and the things to take care of in the post-operative stage.

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Following is the video narration:

“Basically, the risks are, I would call it, not to say it’s … but are so little that there are no restriction on them.

We are unable to place implants on patients who are …, especially woman taking Clomid medication for their infertility problems.

So, all those bone problems and people taking that to avoid a bone loss are patients that are not allowed to place an implant.

Patients that have diabetes and they are not in control, and patients that are being treated by chemotherapy.

But they are on the way to chemotherapy because after they finish the chemotherapy, they go back to normal.

But there it is few of those that we are not able to treat. The rest, it’s just a simple process, it’s easier than, to place an implant is easier than pulling out a tooth.

So, we say that it is easier to construct than to destroy.

So, what I try to reach out and tell people is that we only live once and the situation of going back to our normal and healthy life is being able to enjoy.

You have to be able to eat properly to have a better life.

Because basically health would start in the mouth, and if don’t eat you food and you’re not able to chew your food right.

You are basically cutting out forty percent of your digestive system.

You are forcing the rest of it to be done in the stomach and your intestine and your digestive system and that cause a lot of problems, maybe not in the short term, but in the long term.

So, we see a lot of people suffering a lot of stomach problems, and a lot of digestive system problems.

But at the same time they are not making any solution for them because the doctor is not really seeing what goes on after that.”


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