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Porcelain Crowns in Phuket – Thailand

Porcelain Crowns in Phuket - ThailandPorcelain crowns in Phuket, Thailand can help fix your damaged teeth without burning a hole in your pocket. The cost of dental care in Thailand is very competitive, and can be 50%-70% less than the prices charged in First World countries.

High quality dental treatments at very affordable prices have greatly contributed to the increasing popularity of dental holidays in Thailand, especially among Australians and Europeans.

Porcelain Dental Crowns – What are they?

For people planning to take advantage of low-priced porcelain teeth caps in the Patong beach area of the Thai province, here are some useful facts:

  • Porcelain crowns are used to restore a severely damaged or decayed tooth. They can also be useful in holding a dental bridge in place.
  • Compared to other types of dental crowns, all-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns match the natural color of the teeth, resulting in a more natural and aesthetically appealing smile.
  • Porcelain crowns are recommended for people allergic to metal.

Patients can rest assured that all-ceramic dental caps in Phuket, Thailand are made from highly-durable materials that have passed the international standards of quality.

Advantages of having Dental Crowns in Phuket

  • The low cost of porcelain dental crowns in Phuket is a significant advantage to those lacking dental coverage and with a limited budget. In the US, for example, though majority of people below 65 years of age had dental coverage, about 45 million still had none (National Health Interview Survey, 2008 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). In the case of Australia, about 17% of insured adults who were asked to pay for the entire cost of their dental visit said it was a huge financial burden for them (Oral Health and Dental Care in Australia: Key Facts and Figures 2011 – by Sergio Chrisopoulos et al).
  • Despite the low porcelain dental crowns cost in Thailand, leading dental clinics here provide only world-class treatments and services to both local and international patients. A proof of this is their use of cutting-edge dental equipment and technology for carrying out all sorts of dental procedures. Whether it is dental crowns or dental implants in Phuket, you can look forward to quality dental work at all times.
  • Dental tourism in Thailand enjoys steady growth and global popularity, thanks to the country’s dentists and dental surgeons who have impressive credentials, such as certifications from prestigious institutions abroad and membership in international dental organizations.
  • During your stay for ceramic or porcelain crowns in Patong, take the time to visit some of the best tourist attractions in the city and get a taste of authentic Thai culture.

Planning Your Dental Vacation

A tourist spot in ThailandYour appointment for tooth-colored dental crowns in Phuket will be more meaningful and memorable if you combine it with a city tour. Here are some of the best tourist spots in Phuket that you must see:

  • The Wat Chalong temple serves as the city’s spiritual centre and is also a venue for country fairs on special holidays.
  • Be amazed and feel deeply blessed as you look up the Big Buddha sitting on top of the Nakkerd Hills. This statue stands 45 feet high and overlooks Rawai, Kata and Chalong.
  • Tourists will surely have fun watching the FantaSea Show on Kamala Beach, where they will be mesmerized by the fantastic combination of trapeze artists, pyrotechnics and trained elephants giving nothing short of world-class entertainment.
  • Other interesting places to visit include the aquarium, the Thai Hua Museum, and the Butterfly Garden and Insect World. You may also check out the Hat Karon beach if you’d rather take a dip into the cool waters or just sit back and relax under the sun.

Here are some safety reminders when visiting the island province:

  • The best time to visit is during the cool season, during the months of November to February, when the weather is described as tolerable and comparable to the summer weather in Florida.
  • Beware of katoeys or ladyboys who are notorious for stealing from tourists wandering around at night. In case of an emergency, contact the tourist police, not the local police, through the local phone number 1155. They can understand and speak basic English.
  • Make sure to drink only bottled water. Some restaurants, bars, and hotels still use untreated tap water that may be contaminated.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only visiting for porcelain crowns in Phuket, Thailand. Ensuring that you’re safe and sound during your dental holiday will give you more reasons to smile.
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