The video shows a leading implant dentist from India discussing different methods full mouth reconstruction. India offers sizable cost advantage over western countries as this Indian dentist outlines the reasons why. Continue reading for more details.

Wait, hold your horses, before you head off to India to get your dental rehabilitation done, you should know the risks associated with teeth implants; a dental surgeon from Costa Rica points them out for you.

Watch on YouTube: “Methods and Cost Comparision for Full Mouth Restoration – Indian Dentist”


“Full mouth restoration can be two different things; it can be full mouth rehabilitation which means has all his existing teeth but they’re worn out very badly that they’re almost at the gum level already.

Here we do crowns of all the teeth, raise the height and then the restoration is done.

The other full mouth restoration is…the patient has all missing teeth, we give implants and either implants supported dentures or fixed restoration supported on implants.

Herein, we can have all-on-4, all-on-6, all-on-8 depending on the bone condition and the medical condition of the patient.

The amount of savings in a full mouth restoration is, would be tremendous for a patient who is coming from overseas.

I would say, it would be one sixth to one seventh of what you’re paying in the US.”

Cost of full mouth rehabilitation in India makes this affordable solution for missing teeth irresistible.

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