This video is about Los Algodones, Mexico as dental holiday destination.

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Following is the video narration

” The whole town here is walk in distance, anywhere you go to is walk in distance. Is very safety, is very clean, is nice. They have too much security here, because we leave out our patients.

So we have to give the tourist…….. so they can feel comfortable coming here by knowing they are safe. No here is no Crime, zero crime.

Sure I know there are other border towns they are very serious about going there and but that don’t happen here.

You know that’s mostly where they give huge discounts. This is a very small town and it’s all about businesses. Once get five o’clock the town is empty because they all go back home.

You know or they go to the states, they rent hotels nearly to our clinic here and there is, the only hotel in town is just two blocks away from us.

So sometimes they get to stay there but mostly by the end of the day it’ss not dead but its very quite. You know they can go shopping.

Mostly what they do here, the family members go for shopping where the patient is waiting and you can get pharmacist here. We have pharmacy next store.

In this town it’s all about healthy clinics, dentals, pharmacies and they really like to get candies, liquor stores you know it’s a lot less, what they, it’s the same stuff they have in their countries but you pay less here.

Oh! walking distance would take you not even five minutes. It’s only two short blocks, as soon as u get out of the border you cross the first street, you get to the second one there is half way to your left.

So it’s not even five minutes and you don’t want to walk you don’t have to walk , we will send somebody that will go and pick you up.”

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Excellent healthcare system, affordable dental treatments, and the availability of highly skilled dental surgeons contributes to the booming dental tourism in Mexico.

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