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All About Guatemala Dental

Guatemala Dental is a multispecialty dental clinic in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Established in 1987, it offers affordable, high-quality dental care with the expertise of three generations of dentists.

They serve patients from the US, Canada, southern Mexico, and other countries.

With a focus on ensuring patient comfort, they utilize the latest dental techniques and modern technology.

In addition, they have highly secure X-ray and laboratory systems that enable speedy treatment and ensure optimal care for their patients.

The founder and chief dentist, Dr. Oscar Guerra Armando, has more than 35 years of experience.

He is an expert in implantology and placed over 2,000 dental implants.

Moreover, each member of the Guatemala Dental team is a skilled and experienced professional in their area of expertise.

Discover All That the Clinic Offers:


  • Dental implants, all on 4 implants


  • Root canal treatment, post/core build-up

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dental veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding

Oral Surgery

  • Wisdom tooth removal, extraction, bone graft


  • Full mouth reconstruction, dental crowns & bridges, dentures


  • Gum treatment, deep cleaning, gum depigmentation


  • Clear aligners, braces

General Dentistry

  • Cleaning, fillings

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Explore Your Travel Options

La Aurora International Airport (GUA) serves Guatemala City.

Guatemala Dental is located 9 miles from the airport, which is a 15-minute drive.

The clinic can organize ground transportation for patients, so you don't have to worry about it.

Furthermore, Guatemala Dental offers Airbnb accommodations, located 7-10 minutes away from the clinic, for US$35/night.

If you want, they can also suggest 5-star hotels for your comfortable stay.

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Know the Prices for Your Procedures

Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Titanium implant Without abutment 920 920 -
Titanium implantCeramic + Abutment 1180 1180 -
Ceramic implant + Crown 1695 1695 -
All-on-4 dental implants + Fixed bridge per jaw 7570 - 10965 7570 - 10965 -
All-on-6 dental implants + Fixed bridge per jaw 9800 - 13035 9800 - 13035 -
All-on-8 dental implants + Fixed bridge per jaw 11660 - 14895 11660 - 14895 -
Crowns & Bridges
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Dental crown - 595 595 -
Crown over implant - 595 595 -
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Porcelain veneer Per unit 595 595 -
Resin veneer Per unit 285 285 -
Dental Bleaching
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Regular teeth cleaning - 70 70 -
Teeth whitening - 210 210 -
Cleaning & whitening - 255 255 -
Root Canal
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Root canal - 215 - 265 215 - 265 -
Post/Core build-up - 145 145 -
Extractions & Fillings
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Fillings - 63 - 98 63 - 98 -
Wisdom tooth extraction - 150 150 -
Select your Currency
Procedure Details Price (USD $) Day(s)
Dental exam - 65 65 -
Inlays - 592 592 -
Gingivoplasty - 192 192 -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Guatemala Dental offers a flexible schedule to accommodate the needs of international patients.

The cost of a general evaluation is US$65 if the treatment is not proceeded with. However, if the treatment is carried out immediately, the consultation fee is waived.

Yes, Guatemala Dental provides free video consultations.

They accept debit/credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal, and cash in USD.

No, they don’t. But they can assist the patient in completing the necessary forms for arranging a refund in the US.

The staff speaks English and Spanish.

They offer personalized airport pick-up & drop-off for patients.

Yes, the clinic has a dedicated parking area for visitors.

The clinic is a 15-20 minute drive from the hotel zone.

In addition, they provide Airbnb accommodations located 7 to 10 minutes away from the clinic for a rate of US$35 per night.

If patients prefer to stay in a 5-star hotel, they can also offer recommendations.

They offer free AirBnB to their patients as well.

Yes, there are several restaurants near the clinic. One of the well-known restaurants is Café Barista, which is located only one block away.

The clinic maintains an independent sterilization department, overseen by a single designated individual and equipped with its own autoclave.

Stringent protocols are followed to ensure thorough sterilization.

A one-year warranty on dental procedures is provided; however, patients must travel to Guatemala to avail of it.

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