The dental implants have brought a shift in the dental paradigm. But is all on 4 dental implants good for all? Can it redesign a lost smile? If yes, how?

The all on 4 implants ensure a successful outcome in patients with missing teeth. Read further to know how it carves a promising treatment plan.

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All on 4 Dental Implants- an Attractive Approach

All on four technique was introduced by Paulo Malo in 2003. [1]

It refers to a screw-retained hybrid prosthesis that utilizes the available bone in compromised jaws. [2]

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All on 4 Implants

Four implants support the system in each jaw such that:

  • Two vertical implants are in the front
  • Two tilted implants are at the back [3]
All on 4 dental implantssAll on 4 Dental Implant System

It is the choice of treatment for severely compromised jaws.

And an efficient technique to rehabilitate oral health and functions at the earliest.

For that reason, dental experts credit it as the most predictable and affordable option to get back a healthy smile.

Moreover, bone resorption is low in all-on-4 implant designs.

As per the reported data, all on 4 implants have shown progressive survival rates from 98.8% in mandibular full-mouth rehabilitation. [4]

Am I a Candidate for All on 4?

Yes, you are an ideal candidate for all on 4 if you require full-arch fixed restorations with a few implants.

The all on 4 implant design applies to the following:

  • Adequate bone support
  • Completely missing teeth [5]
  • Patients not undergoing active cancer therapy
  • No debilitating diseases (gum, bone, bleeding disorders) [6]

Indeed controlled diabetic patients can be good candidates for all on 4 implants. [7]

Some patients want a quick escape from an awful look due to the absence of teeth.

So they consult for the immediate all on 4 dental implants. And all on 4 implant-supported denture is the best possible way out.

Going From Dentures to All on Four Implants

The routine treatment modality for teeth loss has been traditional dentures.

But due to discomfort, poor stability, and difficulty eating, patients opt for a more stable approach-all on 4 implants.

Conventional dentures

  • Lack of retention
  • Residual bone resorption
  • Decreased chewing ability
  • Multiple general visits needed

Source: ICOI Implant Dentistry [8]

Conventional Dentures

Conventional Dentures

All on 4 Dental Implant

All on 4 Implants

However, if you choose a superior all-on-4 dental implant solution, you

  • Save your dental expenses [9]
  • Minimize eventual shrinkage of the jawbone
  • Get early esthetic build-up with high-stability
  • Can get implants in no more than 2 to 3 visits
  • Anticipate excellent oral function and well being

Can Anything Go Wrong With All on 4?

Yes, an incautious attitude post-treatment can place you in peril.

Therefore, patients should strictly follow the dentist’s instructions and take proper aftercare.

Is All on 4 Implants Good for me?

Is All on 4 Implants Good for Me?-Patient

For instance, implant restorations fail if you do not refrain from smoking and night grinding (bruxism).

Smoking and undue biting forces are why implants crash more in men. [10]

You might notice signs of dental implant failure as shown in the figure below:

Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Some dental implant problems may occur due to the dentist’s negligence.

To minimize the risks, we are working diligently at your service.

Dentavacation caters to the best clinics and dentists for you. So, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Likewise, the major risks include:

  • Infection
  • Implant failure (rarely)
  • Inflammation or Peri-implantitis [11]

Most importantly, follow post-surgery instructions-soft diet and good cleaning practices for coveted results.

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Soft Food Diet Post Dental Surgery-By Katelyn Mock, US Registered Nutritionist


Are you still speculating about – is all on 4 implant good for all or not? Then, we are at your assistance to solve your queries.

Find out the cheapest place for All on 4 dental implants and plan your trip with us. We are waiting to hear from you soon!


All-on-4 dental implant system is a permanent dental restoration.
Best of all, the implants can last 20 years or more if taken care of properly. [12]

As per the reported studies. the long-term implant-related success rate after ten years is around 99.2%. [13]

The initial implants may take 3-6 months to heal. [14]

While all-on-4 dental implant timelines may vary in each case – the recovery time is much sooner.

Besides, the biocompatible implants incorporate bone faster for better stability.

After the all-on-4 dental implants procedure, a patient may experience pain, swelling, and discomfort. [15]

However, it subsides in a few days.

Frequently encountered problems with All-on-4 are enlisted below:

  • Non-compliance to dietary changes
  • Resistance to accepting bulky bridge design
  • Minor speech flaws (resolve with patient adaptation over time) [16]

Unlike conventional dentures, All-on-4 dental implants do not pinch your gums.

Likewise, you can relish your meals in a very few days.

Moreover, patients will get a more comfortable postoperative period with low financial costs.

Finally, you must not miss out on these routine oral care tips mentioned as follows:

  • Daily brushing
  • Gentle rinsing with saltwater
  • Regular professional cleaning
  • Use super floss to wipe away debris under the prosthesis.

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