The video shows a leading dental surgeon at a dental hospital in India talking about the preemptive and proactive infection control measures that are taken at the hospital. Implant dentistry in India couldn’t be much safer.

Watch on YouTube: “How Infection is Controlled at Dental Clinic in India”
How Infection is Controlled at Dental Clinic in India


“In infection control, we follow all measures that are recommended by the Center of Disease Control in the U.S. because since I’ve worked in the U.S.

I know exactly …what measures are recommended by the CDC.

So we do an…sterilized, reusable materials. And whatever we can use disposable, we use disposable.

Autoclave is known to kill all bacteria, spores, viruses and everything so, infection control…is at par with international standards.”

In a related video, the surgeon compares the cost of full mouth restoration in India to that in the U.S.

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