As a dental tourist, getting accurate prices & treatment plans before your trip is essential. Sharing your dental records helps in this regard.

Records Desired by Your Dentist

When you share detailed records, it helps your overseas dentist to give you accurate prices & treatment plans.

This helps you avoid surprises & have a happier trip.

Records include:*

  • X-rays & CT scans (Most Important)
  • Treatment plan from a local dentist
  • Self-clicked pictures of your mouth
  • Medical conditions that affect dental health
*Preferably not older than 3 months.

Scroll below to learn how you can share your records securely & easily.

Note: If you cannot share your dental records, it’s okay. Our dentists will still do the best for you.

How To Share Your Dental X-rays & Photos?

There are three simple steps you need to follow to share your information with us:

  1. Obtain dental records from a local dentist
    • Please note you have the right to get a copy of your records [1]
  2. Scan & upload on your device (if you have physical records)
    • If you have digital records, you can simply email them
  3. Email our case managers at

For a detailed guide on how to share your dental X-rays & photographs, click on this link.

Watch on YouTube: “Dental Photography at Home “
Learn how to share your dental Xrays & photos

Final Word

Sharing your dental records enables your overseas dentist to prepare an accurate price quote for you.

Recap the benefits:

  • Accurate prices
  • Free 2nd opinion
  • Customized treatment plans

Thus, you prepare well & avoid unnecessary surprises!


No. Dental and medical records differ from each other.

But there are overlapping elements present.

Dental records contain documents specific to information on the teeth.

Whereas medical records may include the above information along with general health tests.

Most importantly, both have one thing in common; they are crucial for an accurate diagnosis!

You can obtain dental x-rays from your nearest local dentist.

Please note that you have a right to obtain a copy of them.

On the other hand, mouth photographs need not be clicked by a professional.

You can take assistance from someone or can click them yourself.

In addition, be sure to share any records from past consultations.

Avoid surprises & get an accurate quote!

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