Watch a renowned pediatric dental surgeon from Cancun, Mexico discuss the baby bottle tooth decay syndrome.

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Watch on YouTube: “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Syndrome”
Following is the video narration:

“I just want parents, they don’t know that the kids are having very constant acid attacks, from the sweets that they are usually drinking from the bottle; this can be even breast feeding.

So, many teeth get affected, especially the uppers and the back molars.

The lowers sometimes are not affected because the tongue protects those teeth. Some of the kids have rampant caries.

Rampant carrying is when parents don’t know and they feed sweet, all day long to the kids, and then all the teeth get really damaged and very bad decay.

So, they have to be treated in a definite way and fast.

Sometimes the kids are very very young, and that’s not easy to have the operation in the dental chair to have those precise treatments.

So, we have to do it under general anesthesia. We try not to, but sometimes we have to.”

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