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Dental Tourism In Budapest, Hungary

Budapest also called ‘the Pearl of the Danube’ and is the capital of Hungary. It ranks 16th on World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities[1]Budapest Business Journal
Budapest ranks 16th on World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities list
” Online travel publication Flightnetwork.com has published… with Budapest ranking at 16th.”
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list and has won Best European Destination 2019 title[2]Daily News Hungary
Amazing! Budapest wins best European destination 2019
“Budapest has won the best European destination 2019…”
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. Budapest is considered as the dental capital of Europe due to affordable and safe dental work.

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The Hungarian capital attracts around 4.4 million tourists every year, making it the 25th most popular city in the world, and the 6th in Europe. [3] hungaryforevents.com
Budapest is a must-see amazing city “Budapest attracts 4.4 million international tourists per year, making it the 25th most popular city in the world and the 6th in Europe(Euromonitor)”
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Budapest is a city of two halves: Buda and Pest. Today Hungary is fully Budapest-centred. [4] Britannica.com
Hungary ” Today Hungary is wholly Budapest-centred. The capital dominates the country both by the size of its population—which dwarfs those of Hungary’s other cities—and by the concentration within its borders of most of the country’s scientific, scholarly, and artistic institutions.”
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9 Szent Istvan Korut, 1st floor, suite 3, Budapest, Hungary 1055

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Every year thousands of dental tourism patients from Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria fly to Budapest. The reason being very high local dental treatment fees in these countries.[5]Daily News Hungary
How did Budapest become the capital of dental tourism? ” Every year thousands of dental tourism patients fly to Hungary from English-speaking countries, such as Canada, the UK, Ireland or the USA. They visit the beautiful city of Budapest, capital of Hungary, and get their teeth fixed while doing so. Recently, a new trend has been developing, as tourists from France, Switzerland, Germany in addition to Austria are now visiting Hungary since local dental treatment fees are very high in these countries.”
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Cost of Dental Work in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a hotspot for dental tourism in Europe. International patients can save up to 70% on dental care in Budapest in comparison to Western European prices, with the same quality.[6] Medicalopedia
Benefits of Dental tourism in Hungary ” Foreign patients can save up to 70% on dental care in Budapest in comparison to Western European prices, with the same quality, if not higher.”
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Dental Works Cost Comparison (USD)
Bulgaria Poland Romania Budapest
Single tooth Implant (including abutment)
$4,000 $800 $1250 $786
All on 4
$6,100 $12,000 $7,400 $5,200
All on 6
$9,300 $12,000 $8,400 $7,100
$8,000 $3,000 $2,000 $480-1,100
Bone Grafting
$1,200 $640 $520 $420
$425 $650 $450 $360
Root Canal
$200 $245 $145 $60-85

Benefits of Dental Treatment in Budapest, Europe

Affordable Dental Option

On average, savings can be 50-70% on dental costs excluding flight and accommodation costs. The savings increase for extensive dental treatments. Due to these attractive prices in Budapest, English people fly over to Budapest even for one tooth implant treatment.[7]About Manchestor.co.uk
Why People Fly to Hungary for Dental Care “The general rule is, that the more extensive dental care you need, the more you will save in Hungary. But prices are so much attractive in Budapest, that English people fly over to Budapest even for one tooth implant treatment.”
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Double Savings on Dental Care

  • In addition to lower costs, the savings can be increased by tax relief and refunds after treatment in Budapest.
  • For example, Irish patients can benefit 20% tax relief in Ireland after treatment in Budapest by handing a form to the local tax office.
  • The refunds are possible because Hungary is part of the European Union. [8] Daily News Hungary
    How did Budapest become the capital of Dental tourism? ” These refunds are possible because Hungary is part of the European Union. Other dental tourism destinations that are not part of the European Union do not make it possible for French and Irish patients to claim government regulated tax relief after dental treatment in Budapest.”
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  • The clinic can assist with the necessary paperwork to help patients get reimbursement for their dental bills from the insurance company.

High Competent Dentists to Deliver Peerless Work Quality

Hungary has more dentists per person than any other country.[9]The Atlantic
Hungary: World Capital of Dentistry ” Between 2000 and 2008, the number of dentists in Hungary per capita increased by 56 percent. Hungary has more dentists per person than any other country, according to London journalist David Hancock, who in 2006 wrote a guide for British patients called The Complete Medical Tourist.”
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Dentists in Hungary undergo extensive training and are well regulated. The dentists are professional, experienced and highly skilled to deliver even the most difficult dental procedures.

Fast Treatment Time

While at a local dentist you can receive treatment for weeks or months, in Budapest the same treatment can be completed within a few days.[10]Daily News Hungary
How did Budapest become the capital of Dental tourism? “Treatments in Budapest are completed in a few days compared to patients’ countries where the same care might last for weeks, often for months.”
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State-of-the-art Technology and Facilities

The clinic employs innovative technology and ground-breaking techniques to make dental treatments as effective, quick and comfortable as possible.

Easy Communication

Fluent English is spoken by all Dental specialists and staff. English is spoken in most hotels. Most people under 30 speak English, as it is compulsory in Hungarian schools.[11]Medicalopedia
Benefits of Dental Tourism in Hungary
“While Hungarian, or Magyar, is the country’s official language…”
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Our Clinic staff can speak English, Hungarian and Farsi.

Great International Flight Connections

Budapest is in the heart of Europe, hence easily accessible from any European city. Several of the UK and Irish airports provide cheap flights to Budapest on a daily basis. With cheap airlines and short flight time to Budapest from all over Europe, it is a really sensible choice to have your dental treatment.

Tourism without a visa

UK, Ireland, US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand citizens can visit Hungary for up to 90 days as a tourist without a visa[12] Medicalopedia
Benefits of Dental Tourism in Hungary
“UK, Ireland, US, Canadian, Australian and….”
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if they have a passport which does not expire within six months of the trip’s end.

Affordable Food and Accommodation

Budapest is listed among the best budget cities in Europe.  It is not only dental treatment that is much cheaper in Budapest, but also accommodation, food, transport, etc. Hence the other costs besides dental costs will not be significant and can be well planned.
Patients can get a discount at our partner hotels. More information about the hotel and the prices can be availed after deciding the treatment plan.

Novotel hotels

Mercure hotels

Ibis Style

NH hotels

New York Palace, The Dedica Anthology

President Hotel

Multiple payment options

We accept cash, International credit/debit cards and bank transfer

Airport Pick-up

The clinic provides pick-up and drop-off from the airport.

Amazing Place for a Holiday

Budapest is a relaxing place to recover from dental surgery. The city and the surrounding areas have much to offer in terms of sightseeing and recreation. Many of the city’s famous sights are free to visit.[13] Medicalopedia
Benefits of Dental Tourism in Hungary
“Hungary is a great choice for…”
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Dental Training in Budapest, Hungary

In Hungary, four universities offer dental studies. Semmelweis University in Budapest has the country’s largest intake of dental students annually.[14]Semmelweis Hungary
Faculty of Dentistry “The Faculty of Dentistry educates more dentists each year than all three other Hungarian dental schools combined; over two-thirds of practicing dentists in Hungary received their diploma and professional specialty training at Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Dentistry.”
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The University is registered in the WHO’s directory of Medical Schools.[15]Semmelweis Hungary
INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION OF THE DEGREES “As a state university Semmelweis University functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Capacities. The University is listed in the WHO’s directory of Medical Schools. The faculties of the University are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board”
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European Union Standards

As a member of the EU, all dentists practising in Budapest, Hungary must conform to EU standards. They must also register with the Ministry of Health, which grants a certificate to those who can demonstrate a certain standard of operation.


The dentistry training is through a 5-year course. The graduates are awarded a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree on completion of training. The course is available in three languages: Hungarian, English, and German.

This course is recognised by the General Dental Council and Irish Dental Council for registration to practise as a dentist in the UK and Ireland.


There are options for specialisation in Periodontology, Orthodontics, Paedodontics, Dentoalveolar Surgery, as well as Conservative and Prosthodontic Dentistry in three-year accredited postgraduate residency courses[16]Semmelweis Hungary
ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES OF DENTISTRY “Postgraduate courses are available…Prosthetic Dentistry”
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To undergo a postgraduate course, dentists must first complete 36 months of work as an employee at a professional practice.

PhD Programme

An accredited PhD Programme called Research in the Dental Sciences is also available.


Dental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary

Dentavacation works with a well-established dental clinic with over 15 years of experience. The clinic is located in the city of Budapest, Hungary.
Key treatments: Dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, dental prosthesis, orthodontics, and oral surgery treatments.

Highlights of the clinic

  • Our dentistry is the exclusive distributor of Dentium implants.
  • Our clinic is the only reference clinic of Dentium implants all over the world. So, it is easy to get the best quality implants at the lowest price.
  • We provide a full warranty for the implant for not less than 10 years.
  • Our dentists have International work experience. They are members of the International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and the Society of Hungarian Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (MPHEST).
  • Certifications:

Recommended Dentists in Budapest

Dental Clinic in Budapest

Dental Team at Dentium Implant Center

Dr Ali Dehghani

  • Oral Surgeon, Dentistry Faculty
  • Specialized in maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic dentistry and implantology
  • Participant of professional training accredited by Dentium in Korea and Dubai
  • Member of Hungarian Chamber of Medicine
  • Fluent in Hungarian, Persian and English

Dr. Hadi Dehghani

  • Orthodontist
    Member of Council of General Dentistry
  • Member of Hungarian Chamber of Dentistry
  • Member of Norwegian Chamber of Dentistry
  • Fluent in Farsi, English, Hungarian, Norwegian

Dr Amir Pasha Nouri

  • Oral Surgery and Implantology
  • Basics of implantology – Dr. Samet Nachum Mis Implant University of Pécs
  • All-ON-4 Surgical Protocol Clinical Course – Lisbon, Malo Clinic, Dr. Paulo Malo
  • Restorative dentistry and Prosthodontics – University of Pécs/Hungary
  • Fluent in English, Hungarian, Farsi, Arabic

How to Reach Budapest?

Franz Liszt Airport (BUD) also known as Ferihegy airport is the International airport of Budapest. It is located 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the city centre. The airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 149 destinations in 48 countries.
Budapest.com offers private pick-up service from Ferihegy airport to any Budapest address or the countryside.

Flight Details for Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport
Destination Distance Time
Vancouver, Canada (YVR) 5382 miles 13 hrs 40 min
Dublin,Ireland (DUB) 1193 miles 3 hrs
London, UK (LHR) 928 miles 2 hrs 35 min
Manchester, UK (MAN) 1030 miles 5 hrs 35 min
Paris, France (ORY) 786 miles 2 hrs
Edinburgh, UK (GLA) 1165 miles 3 hrs
Frankfurt Germany (FRA) 521 miles 1 hr 35 min
Rome, Italy (FCO) 520 miles 5 hrs 30 min
Cardiff, Wales (CWL) 1032 miles 4 hrs 40 min
New York, USA(JFK) 4356 miles 10 hrs 20 min

Visa Requirement

Most of the countries do not need a visa for Hungary, for any stays shorter than 90 days. However, a visa is required for stays longer than 90 days. Make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months past your planned date of return.
For more information on Visa requirements in Hungary, please follow the link.

List of Foreign Embassies in Budapest

Country Embassy location Email Phone
Ireland H-1944 Budapest, Bank Center Gránit Torony,

VII. em. (Szabadság tér 7.)

budapestembassy@dfa.ie 301-4960
Fax: 302-9599
United Kingdom H-1051 Budapest, Harmincad u. 6. info@britemb.hu 266-2888
Fax: 266-0907
Germany H-1014 Budapest, Úri utca 64-66. info@budapest.diplo.de 488-35-00
Fax: 488-35-05
Italy H-1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 95. ambasciata.budapest@esteri.it 460-6200, 460-6201
Fax: 460-6260
United States H-1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 12. webmaster@usembassy.hu 475-4400
Fax: 475-4764

Best Time to Visit Budapest

The best time to visit Budapest is between the months of March and May, and again between September and November. These are the times when the city experiences pleasant weather and the tourists are less in numbers.

The Climate of Budapest

The climate of Budapest is continental, with cold winters and sunny summers.
Winter: From December to February, the weather is cold. The average temperatures are around freezing (0 °C or 32 °F) or slightly below.
Spring:  March to May shows wintry weather along with snow and frost. By May, thunderstorms begin to erupt in the afternoon. The temperature peaks around 30 °C (86 °F).
Summer: From June to August, the weather is warm and sunny. Maximum temperatures rise to about 35/37 °C (95/99 °F)
Autumn: September is a mild and pleasant season. In October, the temperature decreases rapidly, with more frequent rain. November is a cold and grey month, with snowfalls.

How Safe is Budapest, Hungary?

Hungary is among the top 20 safest countries in the world.[15]World population review
Safest Countries In The World 2020 “A total of 163 countries are featured in the report. There are 23 different indicators used to determine how safe or how dangerous a country is. Hungary is among the top 20 safest countries in the world”
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Budapest is marked as one of the safest capitals in the world.

Budapest ranks 1st in the list of most liveable cities in Eastern Europe for 2019.”  “The location score of 76 makes Budapest a safe city for tourists

Although Budapest is safer for tourists than most big cities, you must take sensible precautions against petty crime. Bag snatching, pick-pocketing and vehicle thefts are common in tourist areas. Violent crime is minimal, rarer to occur against tourists.

Budapest Crime Rate for 2020

Budapest Crime Rate for 2020- Dental Works in Budapest

Most Common Tourist Traps in Budapest and Tips to Avoid[16]Budapest by locals
Safety in Budapest “Most Common Tourist Traps in Budapest. Safety TIP #1:…”
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Taxi scams

Travel only in a yellow taxi with a name or logo of a reliable taxi company on the door and on the roof.

Pickpockets and scam merchants

They are common in public transport vehicles, shopping centres, food markets, and tourist sights. Limit the amount of cash you carry and keep valuables safe.

Overcharging at some restaurants

Always study the prices on the menu and know the costs before you order it. As per the law, prices must be clearly indicated.

Exchanging Money

Do not change the currency in the streets. It is against the law. Currency can be exchanged in any major bank or at exchange bureaus.

Areas to avoid in Budapest

Avoid the outer part of districts VII, VIII, and IX. Always avoid poorly lit streets and underpasses.

Safe areas in Budapest

According to the latest statistics, the outskirts or the bordering districts 16, 17[17] Info Budapest
Safety in Budapest
“Among these, 16 and 17 are the safest, followed…”
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and 4 are the safest in Budapest. The most crimes reported in district 5-6-7-8, where tourists frequent most.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance 104
Police 107
Fire Service 105
Central help number 112
General enquiries 197
Domestic enquiries 198
International enquiries 199

Common Hungarian Words

Few common words in the native language that can help you during travel

Phrase What it means How to pronounce it
Szia Hello (and friendly goodbye) ‘see-yaw’
Hogy vagy? How are you? ‘haw-j vah-j’ – ‘j’ for joke.
Minden ok Everything’s ok ‘min-den oh kay’
Mennyibe kerul? How much is it? Men-yee-beh ker-ool
Jo reggelt/napot/estét Good morning/afternoon/evening ‘yoh reg-gelt/nah-poht/esh-tet’
Jó éjszakát Good night yoh ey-sa-kat
EGÉSZSÉGEDRE! Cheers! ‘Ag-esh-sheg-ad-reh’
Nem beszélek magyarul I don’t speak Hungarian ‘nem bass-ale-lack ma-ja-rule’
Beszélsz angolul? Do you speak English? ‘bass-ale-ss on-goh-lool’
A számlát kérem! The bill, please! aw sam-lat keh-rem
Köszönöm Thank you! keu-seu-neum
Igen/nem Yes / no ee-gen/nehm

Things to do in Budapest

Thermal Baths

Budapest is referred to as the city of healing waters. There are over 100 natural hot springs in Budapest. The water of the springs contains dissolved minerals and salts, which are useful in the treatment of various ailments.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath- Dental Works in Hungary

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Most visited thermal baths

  • Gellert Bath
  • Szechenyi Bath
  • Lukacs Bath


Traditional restaurants in Budapest offer authentic Hungarian dishes like goulash, fisherman’s soup or a tasty beef stew with some good quality red wine.

Tourist attractions

Budapest is one of the most culturally important cities in Eastern Europe. It is considered as the “Paris of the East” and is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites[18] UNESCO
Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue
“This site has the remains of monuments…”
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Banks of Danube 

The river Danube is Europe’s 2nd longest river. It runs through 10 countries. The 350m wide river divides the city of Budapest into 2 parts: hilly Buda (west) and flat Pest (east).
Many of the finest attractions by the river Danube are located in Budapest. The riverside sights are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Andrássy Avenue

Andrassy Avenue is two and a half kilometres long. It is an important shopping street with historical architecture. Heroes’ Square along with its surroundings, the Hungarian State opera house and Andrássy Avenue with the Millennium underground railway are included in UNESCO World Heritage List.


What makes it a cheap dental treatment in Budapest?

The cost of living in Budapest is almost 55% lower than in New York City, USA[19]Expat
Guide to Expat Cost of Living in Budapest

“However, Budapest has an almost 55% lower cost of living than New York City, USA. …”
View in Article
. People are willing to work for a low salary. The dentists’ labour costs are also lower.
Dental technicians use the same materials and the same techniques that a professional in a Western country would, but their wage is low. Consequently, the total price of any dental care becomes cheap for a visitor from a developed country

What are the tips on choosing the right dentist in Hungary Budapest?


Always ask what exactly is included in the treatment cost. Look out for any possible hidden extras, like x-rays, pain killers, etc, consultation.


Check for the guarantees the Budapest dentist offers on the dental treatment.

Dentist education

Many Budapest dentists are registered with the Hungarian Medical Chamber. This membership is something to look out for in your search for a dentist in Budapest.

Dentist experience

Ask for the number of procedures performed by the dentist in Budapest and the success rate. According to the Journal of Dental Research, success rates for most implant procedures are 90 – 95 per cent. Be cautious of dentists who say they have a 100 per cent success rate.

Clinic facilities and equipment

Check whether the clinic is well equipped with modern facilities and technology. A clinic with professional equipment and other services suggests that the clinic has made long-term investments. They want their clients to feel comfortable and satisfied not only with the dental service but the surrounding environment.

English speaking staff

Make sure that the dentist speaks English. You will feel more convenient and assured if the clinic staff speaks good English.

What are the ride-sharing apps available in Budapest?

  • City Taxi: +36-1-211-1111 or download the City Taxi App.
  • Bolt ( formerly Taxify): download the Bolt App.
  • Fotaxi: +36-1-222-2222 or download the Fotaxi App

What to pack for a trip to Budapest?

  • Comfortable quality sleep mask for city’s nightlife
  • Swimsuit and towel for the thermal pools
  • A lightweight, durable daypack
  • A pair of sunglasses for sun protection
  • Collapsible water bottle for warm-season and lip balm for cool season

For more Information, feel free to contact us.

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