Your tooth is hurting, but the lack of dental insurance and the high cost of treatment in the US concerns you. We have a solution – dental work in Rajkot!

Also, by choosing Rajkot you ensure savings of 80% on costs back in the US, Canada, and Australia.

This article has all the details that you need for getting dental work done in Rajkot. Want to find out? If yes, then continue reading.

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How Much Does Dental Treatment Cost in Rajkot, India?

The cost of dental work in Rajkot is very less when compared to the prices in the US, Australia, and Canada.

For Instance: The cost of dental implants in the US is $4,600, the price for the same in Canada is $3,300, and $5,500 in Australia.

Whereas it costs only $840 to get dental implants in Rajkot. The figures show us that you can easily save 80 – 90%.

For a better understanding take a look at the table below.

Cost Comparision (USD)
Procedure Rajkot US Canada Australia
All on Four implants (per jaw) $3,500 $24,000 $22,000 $30,000
Titanium Implant (single tooth) $840 $4,600 $3,300 $5,500
Removable Denture $70 $4,000 $3,700 $4,000
Ceramic Crown $55 $1,500 $1,380 $1,800
Root Canal (anterior) $70 $1,500 $1,300 $2,700
Porcelain Veneer (per unit) $210 $2,500 $2,300 $1,980
Laser Teeth Whitening $140 $1,500 $1,380 $1,200
Tooth Extraction (simple) $20 $300 $270 $200
Composite Filling (single tooth) $50 $250 $230 $300
*Prices are case dependent

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Why Dental Work in Rajkot?

Why Choose Dental Work in Rajkot


Dental work is Rajkot is your savior because it helps you save more than 80% on costs. Especially if you are from the US, Canada, and Australia.

The difference is because the cost of living is low in India compared to the US. [1]

Quality Dentistry

By choosing our partner clinic in Rajkot you can be rest assured that you will get the best treatment.

We assure you get high quality at the same time we also ensure that the clinic has the best technology.

Experienced Dentists

Dentists at our partner clinic have experience of more than 12 years.

Also, they have treated many international patients. They are among the top dental surgeons in the city.

Memorable Vacation

India is the land of heritage and devotion. [2] You will not only get the best treatment but you can also explore its beauty.

In other words, India is a place where you can heal yourself both physically and spiritually. To plan a trip to Rajkot, India connect with our team.

Top Dentists in Rajkot

Best Dental Clinic in Rajkot


Dentavacation chosen clinics follow a 4 step sterilization process:

Instrument Cleaning: Used instruments are scrubbed to remove deposits.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Instruments are dipped in an Ultrasonic wave chamber.

Packaging and Autoclave: Dried instruments are packed in sealed pouches.

Ultra Violet Chamber: Sealed sterilized packages are kept in the UV chamber to prevent cross-infection.

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Sterilization Process

Weekly chemical steam treatment at the dental clinic is carried out.

The clinic is fumigated to make the treatment area sterile and safe.

A spore system like 3M ESPE is used to monitor sterilization. Weekly spore tests are the hallmark of sterilization.

This comes with 20-year product history and ensures that the sterilization controls and standards are above the required standards.

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Is Dental Work Safe in Rajkot?

Rajkot has won the Safe City Award. [3] Rajkot has won national recognition for keeping the city safe and providing integrated service.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind, while traveling for dental work to Rajkot:

About Dentist

  • Find out the qualifications of the dentist.
  • The dentist has to be a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).
  • Dentists at Rajkot are graduates of the best dental schools in India.

About Clinic

  • Sterilization is of extreme importance.
  • Check if the clinic has an in-house dental lab.
  • The dental clinic must meet the set international standards.

  • Don’t stay out late, especially when it’s dark.
  • Don’t keep large sums of cash whenever you go out.
  • Never comment or participate in any communal or political matter.
  • Always follow the guidelines issued by the government and authorities.

If you do thorough research and follow all these points, you will be safe.

Dental Tourism in Rajkot

Rajkot has a wide variety of things to explore and food to eat read below to find out.

Explore: History

Khambhalida Caves: Also known as Rajkot Caves, are a set of three Buddhist caves. [4]

They are located near the Gondal town in the Rajkot district of Gujarat.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo: The house where Mahatma Gandhi lived for the duration when his father was the Diwan of Rajkot. [5]

The place is now a museum with preserved artifacts and a pictorial tour that depicts the life of Gandhi. Watson Museum: One of the largest and oldest museums in Gujarat, it is located in the Jubilee Garden area of Rajkot. [6]

The museum contains many artifacts and belongings of the Jadeja Rajput dynasty, which was also the founder of Rajkot.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu: All four areas were part of Portuguese India. [7]

They came under Indian administration in the mid-20th century. it is a great place to see Portuguese architecture.

Khambhalida Caves

Khambhalida Caves

Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu

Explore: Culture and Entertainment

Ishwariya Park: The 77 acres of the park have a vast lake where boating can be enjoyed. [8] The large, spacious park has a very tranquil environment where one can relax in the evening.

The Lalpari Lake: It is located on the outskirts of Rajkot and is a delightful place where one can spend an afternoon lounging. [9]

Rotary Dolls Museum: The Museum exhibits an array of dolls from all around the world. [10]

Each doll in the museum is unique as they tell tales of different traditions and cultures around the world.

Rotary Dolls Museum

Rotary Dolls Museum

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple

Explore: Cuisines in Rajkot, Gujarat

The Gujarati food has garnered much fame not only outside Gujarat but also beyond the national boundary.

Gujrati Sweets



mung dal with sambhar

Mung Dal With Sambhar

Explore: Shopping Destinations

Rajkot is famous for its handicrafts and traditional dresses. You can shop at the following places:

Gujari Bazar: If you want to buy the finest Gujrati handloom, this is the place that should top your list.

Gundawadi: If you plan to buy a dress to play Garba (a famous Gujarati dance form), you will get the best dresses here.

Bangdi Bazar: One of the oldest markets where you get the most beautiful bangles. Also, it is India’s one of the best markets.

Source: Travel Tirangle [11]

Bangdi Bazar

Bangdi Bazar

Leather Market

Leather Market

Documents Required for India

Visa: Currently, India is giving e visas to 169 countries.

Note the count of days visa is valid for starts at the issue date, not your entry into the country.

You can click here to apply for your visa.

Passport: Make sure your passport should be valid for 180 days or 6 months.

Make sure there are at least two blank pages in the passport book.

Source: India e-Visa [12]

How To Reach

There is an international airport coming up in Rajkot (IATA: RAJ). [13]

There are flights from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the rest of the world to Delhi and Mumbai.

The easiest option is to travel to Mumbai or Delhi, and from there to Rajkot.

Flying Time to Mumbai & Delhi
Departure Duration Arrival Stops
New York (EWR) 14 hr 50 min Mumbai (BOM) Non-Stop
Toronto (YYZ) 15 hr 20 min Delhi (DEL) Non-Stop
Melbourne (MEL) 14 hr 20 min Mumbai (BOM) One Stop
Auckland (AKL) 30 hr 05 min Delhi (DEL) One Stop

You can take a connecting flight to Rajkot from Delhi. On average, it takes 2 hours to travel from Delhi and 1 hour from Mumbai.

Timezone & Currency

Timezone: Indian standard time (IST) is 5.30 hours ahead of UTC/GMT (+5.30 UTC/GMT). [14]

Currency: Indian national rupee (INR) is the official currency of India. [15] You can click here to check the latest exchange rates (USD/CAD/AUD to INR).

Best Time To Visit Rajkot

October to December & January to March is suitable to visit Rajkot.

The month of March marks the beginning of the summer season.

The weather remains hot and humid during the summer season.

Source: TMI [16]

Rajkot Emergency numbers

  • 108
  • 100
  • 101
  • 1070
  • 1091
  • 1098

Source: Government of Gujrat [17]

Tips To Remember

1. Travelers must get vaccines for Covid-19, hepatitis A, and typhoid. [18]

2. Do not carry much cash in public., also watch out for any pickpockets.

3. You will draw a lot of unwanted attention if you don’t dress conservatively.

4. It is also disrespectful to go to temples if you are wearing revealing clothes.

5. Carry a hand sanitizer and toilet paper. It may not be available in public bathrooms.

6. People might ask personal questions, which are merely indicative of the locals’ polite interest in you.

7. There will be bustling streets all day so you can carry your earphones if you are not used to so much noise.

8. You can get an international SIM card. You can click here to get a sim with cheap plans and the best offers. [19]

9. Generally, vendors quote a high price for their products. However, if you are not careful, you can end up paying more money.

10. Language should not be a problem, India is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. So it will be easy for you to communicate. [20]

Reviews – Dental Work in Rajkot


By now, you know that dental work in Rajkot is both safe and affordable.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, treatment won’t cost you a fortune.

You can relax and rest assured that you are in safe hands when you choose us. Contact us now to plan further.

FAQs Dental Tourism in Rajkot

Yes. Getting your teeth done in the US, Canada, and Australia would cost you a fortune.

For Instance: it would cost $1,500 to get teeth cleaned, the same would cost $1,300 in Canada and $1,200.

Whereas teeth cleaning cost in Rajkot is only $140. The figures above clearly show that you can save 80 – 90%.

The cost of dental treatment starts from $20 and may vary depending upon the procedure.

You can save 80 – 90% on the cost of any procedure.

Whereas if you choose to get your treatment done in the US, Canada, and Australia, you would be paying 80% more for no reason (see table).

You know the facts and figures. Make a smart decision!

Root canal treatment in Rajkot costs a mere $70. Rajkot saves more than 80% on your root canal treatment costs.

Whereas if you were getting it in other countries like the US, Canada, and Australia. You would be paying $1,500$1,300, and $2,700 respectively.

Would you be willing to pay this much and put a dent in your pocket?

Enjoy a vacation in Rajkot after your treatment!

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