Chaing Mai, located on the Ping River, is the largest city in Northern Thailand. [1] Dental work in Chiang Mai is affordable under the guidance of well-trained and qualified dentists.

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Thailand experienced a tremendous rise in the number of tourists, with a count of 10.13 million visitors in 2001. The number jumped to 39.8 million visitors in 2019. [2]

The count includes dental tourists who look for quality and affordable dental treatments.

Chiang Mai offers safe and quality dental work. It keeps adding to the depth of smiles in the ‘Land of Smiles’ that the city strives to create.

Not only that, but it also offers terrific tourism, delicious food, and relaxation both physically and spiritually.


Silver Temple

Cost of Dental Work in Chiang Mai

Dental work in Chiang Mai is high on quality and low on cost. One can expect to save more than half the price back home.

The dental implant prices in Chiang Mai are 56% lower than in the USA.

The prices of all-on-4-dental implants start from USD 8,000. Whereas the same procedure costs USD 24,000 in the US.

If we compare the prices with Australia then it costs AUD 12,062 in Chiang Mai and a whooping AUD 34,464 in Australia.

Chiang Mai costs 65% lower than in Australia for all-on-4-dental implants.

Wondering what the Chiang Mai dentist prices are?

Below is the table that compares the cost of dental work in Chiang Mai with that of the US and Australia.

Dental Work Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)
Procedure Chiang Mai USA
All-on-4 Dental Implants (per jaw) $8,000 $24,000
Invisalign (per jaw) $2,220 $5,700
Dental Implants $1,600 $3,900
Dental Crowns $650 $1,200
Dentures (per arch) $600 $1,700
Veneers (per unit) $400 $1,467
Laser Whitening $220 $387
Root Canal (pre molar) $290 $1,700
Extraction (surgical or impacted) $130 $337

Dental Work Avg. Cost Comparison (AUD)
Procedure Chiang Mai Australia
All-on-4 Dental Implants (per jaw) $11,040 $34,501
Invisalign (per jaw) $3,063 $10,350
Dental Implants $2,208 $6,279
Dental Crowns $897 $1,518
Dentures (per arch) $828 $2,380
Veneers (per unit) $552 $2,736
Laser Whitening $303 $1,140
Root Canal (pre molar) $400 $731
Extraction (surgical or impacted) $179 $216

*Prices may vary with each case.

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Why Get Dental Treatment in Chiang Mai?

The number of medical tourists keeps on rising in Thailand and so in many towns, including Chiang Mai.

Wat Phra Singh Temple

Wat Phra Singh Temple

Night Landscape

Night Landscape

Some important reasons that have made Chiang Mai, Thailand a preferable choice for overseas dental patients are:


The low Chiang Mai dental prices drive the growth of dental tourism.

Dental work prices are 56% lower than in the US and 65% lower than in Australia for all-on-4 dental implants in Thailand.

High-Quality Dental Care

Dental treatments and healthcare facilities follow the international standards of patient care. Our partner clinic is JCI accredited. [3]

It follows the norms for high-quality standards for treatment, infection prevention, medication safety, facilities, and dental technologies.


Tourists-Friendly Policies

Thailand offers visa-free stay for medical tourists from 64 countries and visa-on-arrival for 19 countries.

English Speaking Dentists

All qualified and experienced dentists of our partner clinic in Chiang Mai are fluent in English.

The partner clinic also has the facility of language translation.

Best Dental Clinic in Chiang Mai

Best Dentists in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai dentists are known for their qualifications, skills, and experience. Some of the most popular dentists in the city are:

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Dental Tourism in Chiang Mai

When planning a dental trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, it is essential to consider all the parameters that can influence the stay with ease and convenience.

Here are some of the essentials to know before traveling to Thailand for dental work in Chiang Mai.

1. Explore Tourist Attractions

2. Try local Cuisines

Chiang Mai dentistry is not the only reason to visit the city, one of the main attractions is food.

Chiang Mai is a celebrated city with regional cuisines like Fish. The need for the city is food that keeps warm from within.

This is because of its mountainous climate. The most popular dish is the Khao Soi, Thai noodle soup served with chicken or soup.

Adding to this, other popular cuisines of the region are:

  • Larb Khua: The Thai spicy pork salad from the north.
  • Som Tam Salad: Green papaya salad.
  • Kai Yang Nung Krob: This is Thai grilled chicken.
  • Khae Kha Moo: A fusion of pork legs and rice.
  • Khao Neow Mamuang: A dish made of mango and rice.
  • Pa Nguay Spicy Mango Salad: Fusion of saltness, sweetness, and sourness.

Khao Soi Shrimp

Khao Soi

Curry Khao Soi

Traditional Food

Thailand’s time zone follows the Indo-China Time Zone that stays 7 hours ahead of the Greenwich Time Meridian (GMT).

The time differences between Thailand and some major countries are:

Major Countries Time Difference
Abu Dhabi -3 Hours
Kuwait -4 Hours
Australia +4 Hours
Bangladesh -1 Hour
Bhutan -1 Hour
Brazil -10 Hours
USA -14 Hours
India -1.30 Hours

  • Thailand offers visa-on-arrival for a maximum of 15 days for 19 countries, including Bhutan, India, China, Maldives, and Mauritius.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs charges a fee of THB 2,000 for visa-on-arrival. This should be valid for 30 days.
  • New immigration law allows medical patients from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to stay for 90 days without a visa.
  • Dental tourists from 64 countries, including USA, UAE, Australia, and Austria can enter Thailand without a visa for a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • With visa exemption rules, it is important to have a minimum of 10,000 THB for each tourist during their stay in Thailand.

Source: Thai Embassy [4] [5]

1. Flight Journey ✈

  • The nearest airport is Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX).
  • It is situated at a distance of 5 km from the main city.
  • In addition, there are other airports preferred by medical tourists when planning a dental trip to Chiang Mai.
Major Airports Distance from Chiang Mai
Airport Code Distance
Chiang Mai International Airport CNX 5 km
Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK 711.4 Km
Don Mueang Airport DMK 681.7 Km
Sukhothai Airport THS 288.1 Km

Flying time from major US and Australian cities
Origin Airport Duration Destination Airport
Sydney Kingsford Smith – SYD 9 Hours 30 Minutes Suvarnabhumi Airport – BKK
New York
John F Kennedy International Airport – JFK 23 Hours 40 Minutes Chiang Mai International Airport- CNX
Los Angeles
Los Angeles International Airport – LAX 1 Day 05 Hours Chiang Mai International Airport- CNX
Melbourne Airport – MEL 12 Hours 05 Minutes Suvarnabhumi Airport – BKK
O’Hare International Airport – ORD 1 Day 7 Hours Sukhothai Airport – THS
Brisbane International Airport – BNE 15 Hours 45 Minute Don Mueang Airport – DMK
Seattle/Tacoma Airport – SEA 19 Hours 15 Minutes Suvarnabhumi Airport – BKK

2. Train Journey 🚊

  • The nearest stations are Chiang Mai Station and Hualamphong Station in Bangkok.
  • From Chiang Mai Station, the partner clinic is at a distance of 10 km.
  • From Hualamphong Station, tourists can take a sleeper or express train to the city.
  • Many sleeper and express trains run between Hualamphong and Chiang Mai.
  • The train journey between Bangkok and Chiang Mai is around 11 to 14 hours.

Since English is one of the two official languages of Thailand, you will not face a language barrier. [6]

Dental Work in Chiang Mai – Reviews


Why not get the best dental care when dental work in Chiang Mai saves up to 56% cost compared to the US and Australia?

Dental tourism in Chiang Mai offers not only cheap dental treatment but also a premium tourism experience.

DentaVacation works with perseverance to facilitate quality and affordable dental work in Chiang Mai.

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The currency of Thailand is Thai Bhat.

The official languages are Thai and English.

Yes! Dentists at CIDC can speak English and Thai fluently. For foreign patients CIDC offers language translation services.

The price ranges from $45 for a dental cleaning to $8,000 for all-on-4 dental implants.

Chiang Mai offers a magnificent view at night with many places to explore and experience. Some of the popular nightlife venues are:

  • Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center: The center at night offers the most delicious northern style dinner also known as Khan Toke. Traditional dances and live performances accompany the culturally rich dinner.
  • Warorot Market: A historical landmark also known as Kad Luang. It is a long-standing night market that offers a host of delicacies and local products.
  • Chiang Mai Night Safari: The night safari is entertaining and adventurous with three animal zones.

CIDC accepts:

  • Cash: Thai Baht;
  • Digital Payments: PayPal, PromptPay, SMS Payment, and LINE;
  • Credit Cards: VISA, Master, Diners, Alipay.

Yes, CIDC offers single-trip dental implants. However, it depends on the dental condition of the patient.

Yes, CIDC does accept dental insurance. The management helps patients with the necessary paperwork.

CDC suggests these vaccinations: Covid19, Measles, MMR, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid. [7]

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