This video shows the dental surgeon discussing his dental clinic in Mexico and dental experts working there.

Watch on YouTube: “Dental Clinic in Tijuana Mexico”

Video Narration:

“Well I am a dentist since 1974 and I am practicing in Tijuana Mexico. Well I get this facility, this dental office since 1974 and I started right here working as employee and then I have bought in 3 years after that and since then I am improving I am worked hard on this office, to get this facility one of the biggest here in the city.

Well I have yes recognitions of dental plant; As a matter of fact I was the first one in Mexico to be contract for one dental, HMO dental plant from the United States.

That was DHS, than come others like United Concordia than recently …….western dental and many more. I have 10 dental plants that have contact with.

Well we have here specialist in different areas all the areas, dental areas. Like peer dentists that do very good implant they work as implantologist.

They have got recognition in studies in California Lama Linda University and we are doing reconstruction here, all on four, all on six and all kind of restoration with implants, successful practice.

Well I do the rehabilitation of natural teeth, I will do crowns, veneers, I will do Zirconium’s, I do all the kind of restoration and doing a nice smiles.

Facility in this chair and this table, meetings with the doctors every month and discuss what we do and what we are doing and how can we do it better and put it some materials, U.S material and try to get it in our practice to meet our qualities.

And even though with the rest of personal assistant, administration everybody, we got seminars here, every Tuesday each month, the first Tuesday of the month and to improve the way they treat the patients, human relations , improve how to do the service, how to treat a patient and everything and even though increase their self esteem.”

Many Americans & Canadians prefer Tijuana as their dental tourism destination because of its proximity to the US border.

Dental treatments like Dental Crowns, Veeners and Dental Implants in Tijuana, Baja California or any other place in Mexico will cost less compared to that in the US. Also, Dental Clinics in Mexico provide high quality dental care with no waiting time.

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