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Dental Care in Cancun – American Is all Praise!

A New York-resident is all praise about the quality of dental care in Cancun, Mexico. He has been coming to Mexico for Dental work for about a year, and is very happy with the quality of service that he has received.


Following is the video narration:

“I am from the New York City area in the United States, currently residing full-time in Mexico, and enjoying the country. I have had crowns put on, had some cracked teeth. So, they are working on that now. I  am going to have a root canal, and they took out cavity. We’ve been coming here for about a year, for, we’ve had our teeth cleaned here, check-ups, this procedure now with the crowns, it’s been great. I mean the work has been excellent, the professional staff, the equipment is up-to-date. The results have been great, very little, no pain at all in any of the procedures. Very efficient, modern, nice people.


“Our neighbor, where we live, … , used this office for some extensive dental work. He was very very happy. We’ve had actually two neighbors that used… for their work they were really, basically complete dental reconstruction; they were really happy with the results and recommended them to us.


” I would say we triple the cost in the United States — triple to four times. Matter of fact, my daughter is currently here from the United States, she came down to have her dental work done here because she was quoted a price in the United States that was so high that it made sense for her to fly here, have a vacation, get her dental work done and then fly home, and it was half the price.”


DentaVacation offers good quality dental services in the following Mexican cities: Monterrey, Cancun and Los Algodones. If you have been planning to travel to Mexico for dental work, we can take care of your dental trip. You may also ask for a free quote for a dental procedure of your choice.


DentaVacation facilitates dental services in various hospitals and clinics across Mexico. For more information, fill the estimate-request form on the right.

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