A New York resident is all praise about the quality of dental care in Cancun, Mexico. He has been coming to Mexico for Dental work for about a year

He is very happy with the quality of service that he has received.

Watch on YouTube: “Dental Work in Cancun – New Yorker”

Following is the video narration:

“I am from the New York City area in the United States, currently residing full-time in Mexico, and enjoying the country.

I have had crowns put on, had some cracked teeth.

So, they are working on that now.

I am going to have a root canal, and they took out cavity.

We’ve been coming here for about a year, for, we’ve had our teeth cleaned here, check-ups, this procedure now with the crowns, it’s been great.

I mean the work has been excellent, the professional staff, the equipment is up-to-date.

The results have been great, very little, no pain at all in any of the procedures. Very efficient, modern, nice people.

“Our neighbor, where we live, … , used this office for some extensive dental work. He was very very happy.

We’ve had actually two neighbors that used… for their work they were really, basically complete dental reconstruction.

They were really happy with the results and recommended them to us.

 I would say we triple the cost in the United States — triple to four times.

Matter of fact, my daughter is currently here from the United States, she came down to have her dental work done here.

She was quoted a price in the United States that was so high that it made sense for her to fly here, have a vacation, get her dental work done and then fly home, and it was half the price.”

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