A leading dentist from Cancun, Mexico discusses child dentistry, and also the areas in which she specializes. With its highly qualified medical professionals, Mexico provides affordable solutions for missing teeth.

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Following is the video narration:

Pediatric dentistry gets involved with prevention, so that kids coming to the office usually have their careful exam, and then they have cleaning and fluoride treatment, with X-rays, just to make sure that they do not have cavities into proximal caries.

Then they come for restorative of minimal invasion or preventive are, and some of the procedures that we do in dentistry for kids is when we have a very little, a very young kid that has many many cavities, related to bottle syndrome.

We need to take that kid and restore all those teeth in once, and we do that under general anesthesia.

Another main field of the pediatric dentistry, it’s the growth and development part of the kid. We have to intercept any skeletal problems, and treat them early, so that the kid can grow in a good way, okay, and have less, less problems in the future.”

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