The video shows a Canadian who traveled all the way to Los Algodones, Mexico for tooth restoration. His dental vacation package comprised crowns, fillings, and teeth cleaning.

Watch on YouTube: “Testimonial – Crowns and Fillings in Mexico”
Testimonial – Crowns and Fillings in Mexico


“I’m Darrel…from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Originally, I just come down with my wife to get her work done but had a check up and found out that I needed some work as well.

So, we had it all done. I had number of crowns done, teeth cleaned, and couple of fillings.

If I would have had the crown, one of the crowns done in Red Deer, it would have cost me one and half for eight crowns and two fillings.”

In another video testimonial, his better half gives a review of Mexican dental services. She discusses the quality of room service and safety among other things.

It’s simply common sense in getting dental work in Mexico for dental work in Mexico – particularly in the cities of Cancun, Tijuana, and Los Algodones – is a lot cheaper than in the US or Canada, and as the gentleman points this out in concrete terms.

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