Dental implants are safe, simple and an effective treatment option. However, bleeding after dental implants still remains a common concern. Let's find out the ways to stop it!

Bleeding After Implant Surgery

Have you recently got a dental implant placed? You know it is usually a trouble-free experience.

It has been reported that dental implants have a success rate of 90%–95% [1]

However, not everyone feels the same way. Bleeding after implants can bother a few patients.

But is it really a reason to worry? If yes, then how much blood is too much post-surgery?

Let’s find out how long bleeding after a dental implant is normally expected.

Dental Implant

Implant Placement

Is Bleeding Normal After Implant?

Immediately after an implant procedure, bleeding around the site & mild pain is normal.

You may notice saliva tinged with blood for the first 3 days. [2]

After a few days, the complete oral functions are restored.

However, if the bleeding persists after a week, it is vital to see the doctor to avoid unnecessary dental implant complications.

How To Prevent Bleeding After Dental Implants?

Adequate post-procedure care is very important and can greatly affect the symptoms experienced later.

Some common precautions to follow right after the surgery include: [3]

  • Do warm salt-water rinses after meals
  • Avoid spitting & practice good oral hygiene
  • Brush gently near implant sites (avoid vigorous swishing)
  • Avoid spicy, hot, sticky, or crunchy food, which could cause injury or infection

Dental Implant Bleeding

Worried About Dental Implant Bleeding?

How To Stop Bleeding After Dental Implants?

If you notice bleeding, don’t get anxious; stay calm.

Here are a few tips that might help. [4]

  • Apply ice pack
  • Apply a piece of clean wet gauze and compress the site firmly
  • Avoid physically strenuous activity for the next 24-48 hours
  • Avoid vigorous spitting of the blood accumulated in the oral cavity
  • Avoid the consumption of hot drinks and foods as they will induce further bleeding.

If bleeding occurs for more than 72 hours, you must seek professional dental help immediately.

How Dentists Manage Implant Bleeding?

On visiting the dental office, your dentist will use some common local stoppage methods to control the bleeding condition.

These measures are called local hemostatic aids.

They include compression with medical agents like absorbable gelatin powder, TXA, and Afrin. [5]

Reasons for Bleeding After Implant Surgery

The reasons of bleeding after tooth implant include: [6] :

  • Mucositis: Gum swelling around the soft tissues of the dental implant without underlying bone destruction.
  • Peri-Implantitis: There is loss of bone supporting the dental implant & soft tissue swelling surrounding the implant.

Signs and symptoms: Tender, red gums around the implants, loosening of implants, pain on biting, and bleeding.


We hope that now you know how to stop bleeding after dental implants.

So, you must take the necessary steps to avoid it from becoming an emergency situation.

Individuals experiencing a serious amount of blood loss must immediately contact their dentist.


Bleeding after an implant placement usually stops after 30-60 mins.

But, the complete stoppage may take around 7 hours. [7]

Mild to moderate blood appearing slowly from the mouth is normal in the first 24-48 hours after surgery. [8]

But if constantly oozing blood fills your mouth, visit the doctor.

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