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Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental implants are arguably the best possible option for replacing missing teeth, but they are not suitable for everyone. Although, most patients today would want to opt for the comfortable and convenient implants, the high cost of the procedure and certain medical factors may render them unsuitable in some cases.

Development of dental tourism has given a good reason to those patients especially from the first world nations, who are not able to afford the expensive dental implants in their hometowns, to move abroad for affordable dental works. Dental vacation has emerged as a popular trend among medical tourists and many destinations like India, Mexico or Thailand, for a dental holiday, are preferred.

In cases of hypertension, diabetes or other medical problems, where any surgical process is contra-indicated, implants may not be placed. Besides, several years after losing their teeth, the patients might notice significant shrinkage in their jaw bone, which makes it inappropriate for implants. partial-denture

In the latter case, however, the bone height may be restored with the help of bone grafts, but that further raises the cost of the entire implant process.

If your dentist tells you that you do not make the right candidate for dental implants, there are several alternative options to restore your teeth.


Complete/partial removable dentures are a good option for people who have lost all or most of their natural teeth. When the span of edentulous region is long, it is best to restore it with a removable denture. Very long bridges cause excessive stress on the teeth that support them, and may not be securely placed.

Usually the dentures are made of acrylic, but ceramic porcelain dentures are widely available now days.

Maintenance of oral hygiene is easy with removable dentures as they can be taken off, cleaned and put back. The remaining natural teeth in the mouth can also be thoroughly cleaned after removing the dentures.


Dental bridges are units of artificial teeth, which have crowns on both sides to be fitted over natural teeth. They are the best suited for patients who have a short span of edentulous region (only few teeth are missing), but cannot take on implants due to some reason.set-of-teeth

If the teeth adjacent to the edentulous region are healthy, a dental bridge can be fixed over them. It has one major advantage over removable dentures: there is no hassle of taking off and replacing the denture. Also, the esthetics are better than removable dentures.

If made by expert hands, a dental bridge should be able to closely replicate the form of natural dentition. However, cleaning and maintenance of a bridge may require greater effort by the patient.

Delaying treatment

If you cannot get implants at the moment, waiting is always an option. You may take your time to evaluate all treatment options, and decide what suits you the best. But one must frankly discuss the situation with his dentist as delaying treatment may prove to be detrimental in some cases.

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