Crowns made of zirconia are known for their strength and biocompatibility [1] but can be quite pricey. There are cheaper options for zirconia crowns just a few miles from Yuma. Want to know more? Read this article on zirconium crowns in Algodones, Mexico.

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What Is Special About Zirconia Crowns?

Did you know? 99% of dentists who use zirconia dental material use it for natural teeth restorations. 98% use zirconia crowns for posterior teeth and 61% for anterior teeth. [2]

Zirconia is a new material used for dental restorative treatments. [3]

It’s made of zirconium oxide – stronger than porcelain and some metal alloys.

Zirconia crowns are less affected by normal wear and tear.

Also, like porcelain, they do not cause enamel erosion to adjacent teeth.

This is one of the many reasons why dentists prefer zirconia over all-ceramic restorations.

Source: WebMD [4]

Zirconium crowns

Zirconia crowns

Cost of Zirconium Crowns in Algodones, Mexico

Zirconia Crowns near Yuma, AZ are 70% cheaper than in the US.

For instance, the average cost of a zirconia crown in Los Algodones is $450. At the same time, it costs $1,500 in the US and $1,200 in Canada.

Zirconia Dental Crowns Cost in Los Algodones Vs. Canada Vs. US
Location Cost in USD
Los Algodones, Mexico $450
Canada $1,200
US $1,500
Save $1050 (70%)
*Prices are case-dependent.


Your dental crowns in Algodones carry a two-year warranty.

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Zirconia Crown Clinics in Los Algodones

Your dental crown treatment will be performed at the top dental clinics in the Mexican border town.

Some of the highlights of our clinics for crowns in Los Algodones are:

✅ Approved by the American Dental Association (ADA)

✅ In-house dental lab assures reduced treatment time

✅ Highly experienced dental specialists with global exposure

✅ Water filter system, room sterilization system

✅ Bilingual staff, comfortably appointed waiting area

✅ CAD-CAM technology for dental crowns and a lot more

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Procedure for Zirconia Dental Crowns in Los Algodones

Capping is done on root-canal treated or highly damaged teeth that are fragile and considered too weak to stand high bite forces.

The procedure involves:

Tooth cutting: Your natural tooth structure is removed from all sides to accommodate the crown.

Composite buildup: A composite material will be used to fill the hollow.

Impression making: An impression is made from which the dentist will make a plaster replica of your oral tissues.

Temporary crown: Although not necessary, sometimes a temporary crown is given to retain the aesthetics while the zirconium crown is fabricated in the laboratory.

Trial and fit: You will be once called to check if your new customized crown fits well, and if everything looks fine, they will fix it in place.


Tooth preparation for zirconia crown

Tooth preparation for zirconia crown

Since our Los Algodones dental clinics have an on-site lab, your treatment will be carried out in the shortest of times.

With expedited dental work, you can have your zirconia crowns in a couple of days.

How Long Does Zirconium Crown Last?

On average, you can expect zirconia crowns to last 10 to 15 years or longer. [5]

However, the crown’s life depends on oral hygiene maintenance and regular checkups.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

  • Requires less tooth preparation (6)
  • The procedure can be done in a single visit (7)
  • Biocompatible, no worries about allergic reactions (7)
  • Split-resistant and stronger than glass ceramics and dental composite (8)

Zirconia Crowns – Before & After

Zirconia Crowns – Before & After
  • Best choice for back teeth to withstand strong chewing forces (6)
  • Do not crack or chip the surrounding teeth and the tooth under the crown (8)
  • Dentists can customize zirconia crowns based on your specific needs.

Source: Healthline, [6] Colgate, [7] WebMD [8]

Why Get Zirconium Crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico?

✅ Pay only 70% of the US prices for your zirconium dental crown treatment

✅ Cut travel time and cost as the Mexican border town is just about 10 miles from Yuma, AZ.

✅ Get top-notch care at well-equipped, ADA-accredited dental clinics.

✅ Get complete travel assistance – right from scheduling your dental work to helping you with hotel bookings in Algodones or Yuma for special client tariffs.

✅ As most clinic staff members speak English, you won’t face any language issues.

✅ We offer customized dental packages tailored to suit your requirements.


If you are looking for a zirconia dental crown for less than half the price in the US or Canada or multiple caps at the price of one, consider traveling to Los Algodones.

Affordable and superior quality zirconium crowns in Algodones can take place in just a single visit.

If you are interested, contact us to prepare for your dental trip!

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