A leading prosthodontist from San Jose, Costa Rica explains the benefits of zirconium implants over traditional implants.

With an increase in the volume of dental tourism to Costa Rica, revolutionary changes are being effected in the field, and Costa Rican dentists are keeping up with the changing and demanding times.

Watch on YouTube: “Advantages of Zirconium Dental Implants – Costa Rica”

Following is the video narration:

“This is a, in a larger scale, a traditional dental implant. This is bigger than normal because this is just for show when we explain our patients what an implant looks like and how it works.

You see that it works similar to a screw that we are using in construction. It has two types of ways in which it works within the bone of the patient.

“The first one is gonna create a mechanical retention because of the screws that it has it’s gonna create a mechanical retention against the bone.

Secondly, and most important, the bone cells would actually react on a positive way alongside the surface of the titanium, making it almost a biological contact between the two.

So, then we have a micro retention and then we have a biological retention which actually creates an ankylosis process which produces that the implant is gonna be completely set in beneath the bone and it will work just as close as a natural root of a tooth works.

“Typically the implants are made up of a titanium material, which is the one that I showed you before. Now, again this is just a model of the newer implants that we are using right now that are made of zirconium.

As I told you before, zirconium was a material that typically we were using for crowns.

“This is just a model, this is made of plastic. The zirconium implants will look exactly like this, but it is made of a tougher material.

The zirconium to the touch, it’s like touching a rough metal, but with the advantage that it is white.

The zirconium is a new material, it’s been recently released by the FDA, so it’s approved for use after all the studies that they have to do to approve that.

We’ve been using zirconium implants for the past year; we have had great success rates with zirconium implants.”

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