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Rosemary Reviews Crown on Dental Implant in Phuket – Thailand

Rosemary Bradley, an Irish, chose to travel to Patong, Phuket in Thailand to get her dental work. Rosemary’s dental job comprised getting dental crown on implant.


 Rosemary's review - crown and dental implant in Phuket - Thailand

Rosemary is all praise for the level of care at the dental clinic we work with in Patong. Take a look at her testimonial:

The … clinic here @ Phuket was the most fantastic place I ever go to for dental care. They are the best people to care for you and extremely professional. I am sad to say goodbye today but not forever.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Rosie Ireland


The dental clinic, located in the Patong beach area of Phuket, receives a number of international patients each year. One of the highlights of the clinic is its in-house well-equipped clinic which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

With its modern technology and highly competent English-speaking staff, the clinic has garnered a large number of positive customer testimonials and feedback. Here is another such feedback, in which Ywes Latuszweski from France reviews getting dental crowns in Phuket.

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