The video shows an implant dentist from Tijuana explaining what implants really are and how they function.

However, before you get all excited and pack your bags, it is worthwhile to discover if you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants in Mexico.

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A dental implant is not a very new procedure, it’s a procedure that’s been done for about thirty years.

But it wasn’t very popular since about 10 years ago, 15 years ago that…more accessible for patients

Because in the beginning it was very expensive but now it is a little bit more cheaper and many patients that at that time didn’t have access to it, now they have it.

An implant is a procedure to replace a missing tooth. We can replace a tooth or we can replace whole teeth.

Of course, it’s going to depend on the amount of bone, health of the patient exactly what’s the general condition of the patient so we can place an implant.

An implant is made up of titanium, that’s the only metal we use in implantology. We don’t use stainless steel, many people think it’s stainless steel but it’s titanium, that’s the only metal that bonds to the bone.

I do 5 implants; I can do Nobel Biocare, I can do 3i, I can do Implantium, Dio and Dentis. Those are the implants that I manage.

Of course, basically, all the components are well known companies so people can do their research on the internet, so they can find more information about it.

Thanks to availability to world-class implant technology at fraction of prices in Mexico, that dental tourism is gathering steam.

There are more Americans than Mexicans at the dental centers in Tijuana, literally.

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