A reputed dental implants surgeon from Costa Rica shares how a patient treatment plan is made after a careful study of each case. Such diligence, and high level of professionalism on the part of medical professionals has made Costa Rica a popular dental tourism destination.

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Following is the video narration:

“There has to a study on the patient when he gets here. But the reality is that maybe out of more that, let’s say the hundred per cent of patients that we see, less than one per cent are patients that are not able to place an implant.

“So, what we find is that we do have to do the same kind of studies, we have to see the whole thing, I mean we do the tomography, we do some measures directly to the bone which is to check on how the bone is.

But, we will always find a spot of place where the bone can be placed.

And using the OCO gramitico implants allow us to have a better, different types of implants, to find which one is the best, depending on the case. So,allow us to have a better perspective on how to solve the problem.

“One of the things we do is that we don’t consider the implant as a business itself, we consider the implant as a solution to keep back the smile to the patient.

“So, we are not gonna place an implant just because there is a space, we gonna place an implant we need a structure to hold the bridge for to hold the crown, not just because there is a space.

So, the reality is that we don’t have to go one on one, because even though the patient has good bone, we don’t have to place sixteen implants to replace sixteen crowns, we can actually do a bridge on that.

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