A leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica speaks about zirconia implants and other dental procedures for holistic patients.

He explains that there has been a surge in dental tourism in Costa Rica owing to the patient-friendly methods used there.

Watch on YouTube: “Holistic Dentistry – Costa Rican Prosthondist”

Following is the video narration:

“There has been a, lately we have been receiving holistic patients, which is something new to us.

It’s a, I won’t necessarily call it a trend, but it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of living, which they don’t want.

They’re trying to be as natural, as non-artificial as possible.

They, the cialis medication that they use, the food that they get, everything is gonna be different than what we traditionally would use.

Basically, what this has caused in dentistry is that basic procedures that we’ve used for many years such as a root-canal, for them that’s a treatment that is not accepted.

It is not accepted because in their way of thinking, and I can understand completely why they would think that, a root-canal is a procedure that can always get re-infected.

By what I’ve received from them is that it’s a procedure that is always a niche for bacteria,and for them that’s not tolerable.

Hence they want any tooth that has had root-canal to be extracted. Okay?

And the way that we want this to be rehabilitated is with an implant.

But now they also don’t want the traditional titanium implants because the titanium is not a material that they will accept as a way of treatment.

And now they are asking for a different alternative, and now we have the alternative to offer them, which is zirconia implants.

The zirconia is a material that is very bio-compatible, it doesn’t have any resistance of the body to it.

So it’s a material that they consider that it’s good for them, and a good option for them.

So, we’ve been receiving a lot of these patients lately, we’ve been in contact with many of them, they know that our services, that in Costa Rica they can get the services that they require, that they need.

So, it’s new for us but we have been receiving many of these holistic patients in the last year.

We hope many more of them get to know of our services and come to us.”

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