Helen Stapleton from Australia discusses having her unsatisfactory bite treated by getting dental crowns at the leading dental clinic in Patong area of Phuket, Thailand we work with.

The habit of involuntarily grinding her teeth gradually wore them down, thereby leaving her with an improper bite.

In her written testimonial on her dental job in Phuket, an excited Helen lauds the dental clinic, and the capability and professionalism of her dental doctor:

My experience with Dr Tan and her highly capable assistants has been wonderful. Dr Tan’s professionalism and expertise is incredibly admirable.

I had my entire teeth replaced by crowns, having because of grinding, ground my teeth down too much to have a satisfactory bite.

My bite now is fantastic, very important for me since I really enjoy eating particularly salads!

I will most defintely recommend Dr Tan and this clinic to everyone. My heartfelt thank you.

– Helen Stapleton

P.S. – All this was done within 2 weeks.

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