So, you are on your way to getting new teeth! But getting implants is one part of the process. For implants to be successful, you will have to modify your diet for some time. This article discusses the dental implant recovery diet that will aid in faster healing.


Post Dental Implant Surgery – Diet Guidelines

Diet modification is necessary because the implant needs to attach itself to the jaw bone.


Diet modification after implant surgery not only increases healing but also decreases trauma to the implant and surgical site. Avoiding trauma decreases the chance of complications and failure.

~Dr. Erin N Erickson, DDS

What Can You Eat Immediately After Your Dental Implant Surgery?

Due to the surgery, the jaw will be sensitive for the first 24 hours.

Eating soft foods and following a liquid diet after dental implant surgery is essential. But this should not be an excuse to avoid taking adequate nutrition.

A healthy diet after dental implant surgery helps in faster healing and recovery. [1]

Here are some recommended foods for the first 24 hours after surgery:

✅ Cold Soups and Sugar-free Juices: Avoiding hot foods & liquids is highly recommended in the first 24 hours.

They cause tissues to swell and bleed.

✅ Smoothies and Protein Shakes: They are excellent ways to get all the nutrition without pressure on the teeth.

✅ Applesauce: The fine puree of apple is a rich source of nutrients.

✅ Water: Staying hydrated is always a good idea, so why not when your body is recovering from a surgical procedure.

Dehydration causes delayed healing. [2]

✅ Bone Broth: The nutritious stock made from animal bones is rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium, which are essential for proper healing.

Be sure to take the broth cold or lukewarm to avoid irritating the wound.

✅ Oatmeal: Oatmeal is healthy, delicious, and easy to eat without much chewing.

In addition, it is a high-fiber food and also good for oral health. [3]

✅ Greek Yogurt: The smooth and creamy Greek yogurt is a nutritious, protein-rich food that you can enjoy after dental surgery.

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc.

6 Foods to Eat Immediately After Dental Implant Surgery

Foods to Eat in the First Two Weeks after the Implant Surgery

The first 24 hours are crucial and require utmost care. After that, you can slowly introduce soft foods into your diet.

Protein-rich foods will significantly help quick healing because the body needs protein to make collagen.

This collagen is an integral part of the healing tissue in the jaw.

A good dental implant recovery diet will include:


  • Applesauce, mashed avocados
  • Peas, boiled carrot
  • Cooked/steamed veggies
  • Mashed or baked potatoes
  • Fruit or vegetable juices
  • Fruit ices and popsicles
  • Soft fruits like peaches, berries
  • Fresh fruits like bananas, mangoes, pears


  • Turkey, Meatloaf
  • Beef broth, Ground beef
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Baked or broiled fish
  • Roasted or chicken stew
  • Soups that contain soft meat
  • Scrambled eggs and omelets


  • Pancakes, rice pasta
  • Cooked grains
  • Whole grain bread
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Spaghetti and sauce
  • Legumes (i.e., Lentils)
  • Cream of Wheat (farina)
  • Cooked cereals and oatmeal


  • Yogurt, pudding
  • Icecream, smoothies
  • Buttermilk
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cold coffee, tea
  • Fresh curd products
  • Milk and milkshakes

soft food

  • Pies & cakes, cold liquids
  • Rice and noodles
  • Soft loaves of bread
  • Creamy soups and broth
  • Ground-corn food (grits)
  • Vegetable and meat soup
  • Protein drinks without sugar
  • Tofu (a rich source of protein)

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What Should You Avoid When on a Dental Implant Recovery Diet?

6 Things to Avoid After Dental Implant


Avoid using straws when drinking smoothies or juices and avoid any sucking action.

It creates suction in the mouth and can dislodge the blood clot from the surgical site.

Smoking & drinking

Avoid smoking and drinking for the first 24 hours.

It is better to avoid smoking and drinking till the jaw heals completely. [5]

Fast Food

Do not skip food. Your body will need the nutrients to heal the implant site.

Sugar in processed foods interferes with healing. It is best to avoid fast food and eat a nutritious diet.

Drink water instead of carbonated and sweetened drinks.

What Can You Not Eat After Dental Implants?

You cannot eat the following foods for 1-2 weeks after dental implant surgery.

  • Spicy – Salsa, hot peppers
  • Acidic – Citrus fruits, sodas
  • Chewy – Gum, bagels
  • Crunchy – Chips, nachos, popcorns, pretzels, granola [6]
  • Tough – Raw veggies, steaks
  • Sticky – Caramel, cheese, taffy
  • Very hot – Tea, coffee, soup
  • Fruits with seeds such as raspberries and strawberries

Source:  International Journal of Oral Dental Health [7]

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A soft diet is recommended after dental implant surgery.

Diet modification speeds up recovery and helps better fusion between bone & implant.

This modification is only temporary. So, good care for the first 3-6 months after implant surgery will provide longevity to your implants.


You can normally eat 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

The long answer is:

  • First 24 hours – You should follow a liquid diet.
  • The next 1-2 weeks – A soft diet is appropriate such as mashed potatoes, broiled fish, tofu, etc.
  • 3-6 months – You can gradually take up foods that comprise your regular diet but avoid hard, sticky, and crunchy foods.

The more painless and undisturbed implants remain, the better they heal. [8]

Usually, your dentist will take a radiograph at 3-6 months to confirm implant fusion and recommend the diet.

  • Oatmeal
  • Bone broth
  • Greek yogurt
  • Applesauce, water
  • Smoothies, protein shakes
  • Cold soups, sugar-free juices
  • Cheese, tofu
  • Milk and milkshakes
  • Soft bread, pasta, and rice
  • Scrambled eggs and omelets
  • Soft meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish

Yes, cold foods such as ice creams are advisable after dental implants.

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