The video shows a leading prosthodontist talking about Aesthetic/Cosmetic dentistry as practiced in Cancun, Mexico. Many patients testify that dental work in Mexico is equivalent, if not better, to that in the US or Canada.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Cancun, Mexico (Smile Makeover)


“Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentistry are basically the same, some people call it cosmetic, some people call it aesthetic dentistry, but basically what we’re talking about here is enhancing the smile of the patient, right.

There are several ways to do that and each case is different of course.

“So, it’s very important when you’re talking about aesthetics to have a pre-determined aesthetic analysis, has smile line of the patient gingival architecture…precision, arch precision, type of occlusion, there are so many things that are involved because you cannot just do an aesthetic thing without thinking of function. That’s so important.

“Some people overlook this, they just think they’ll make you look nice, that’ll be good, but in long term if you don’t take special care of function of the patient, you can deliver something very nice that would not last long.

“So, I do believe that aesthetic dentistry goes hand in hand with function of course but we can internally do that, what we call the ‘smile makeover’ very successfully nowadays but you do need to have aesthetic analysis to see you have to involve…in order to take care of the gums because sometimes it’s the gums that are not looking good.

You need to understand that some teeth will not be in the right positions, so sometimes you have to think about orthodontics in some cases.

We can almost always provide very very good outcomes to our patients who’re looking for aesthetic dentistry.”

In another video, the same dentist speaks about dentistry with CAD/CAM technology in Mexico.

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