Get your dental work done and visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – all in your budget! Dental Work in Jaipur allows you to get quality dentistry at affordable prices and a chance to soak in the rich culture of Rajasthan, India.

Unbelievable, right? Read on for all the information!

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Why Choose Dental Work in Jaipur?

  • Save up to 60% of the cost compared to the US and Australia.
  • Equipment and implant brands are the same as that used in the US.
  • Our doctors can converse fluently in English. Moreover, India’s the second largest English speaking country in the world! [1]
  • By opting for dental care in Jaipur, you can check off a great location from your bucket list!

Cost of Dental Work in Jaipur

Dental work in Jaipur is cheaper than in the US by approximately 80%.

All-on-four implants in Jaipur cost $3500, whereas they cost $24,000 and $25,000 in the US and Australia.

Teeth Whitening in Jaipur costs $215, whereas in the US, the same costs $900 and $570 in Australia.

Let’s look at the table to determine the cost difference of dental work between Jaipur, the USA, and Australia.

Cost of Dental Work in Jaipur (in USD)
Procedure Jaipur US Australia
All on Four Implants $3,500-$5,000 $24,000 $13,650-$25,000
Implant (single tooth) $800-$1,000 $4,000 $2,100-$7,000
Crown (same day) $215 $1,500 $990-$1300
Root Canal Treatment $115 $2,000 $280-$780
Veneer (per unit) $215 $2,000 $700
Teeth Whitening (zoom) $215 $900 $570
Tooth Extraction $150 $200 $90-$120
Composite Filling $30-$50 $300 $140-$225
*Prices are subject to change.

Save 60-80% on dental work in Jaipur!

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Top Dental Clinic in Jaipur

Our partner clinic, Ekdantam Dental, located in the pink city, provides world-class dentistry using the latest technology and techniques.

Catch Dr. Kapil Singhal, the founder of Ekdantam Dental, tell us more about his clinic in his own words!

Watch on YouTube: “Top Dental Clinic in Jaipur “
Dr. Kapil Singhal Founder of Ekdantam Dental – Top Clinic in Jaipur

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Is It Safe To Get Dental Work in Jaipur?

India is the top choice among medical tourists.

Despite international restrictions due to COVID-19, India saw many international medical tourists.

A total of 142,928 and 272,190 foreigners arrived on medical visas in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

-Nityanand Rai, Minister of State for Home Affairs in India [2]

Sterilization at Our Partner Clinic in Jaipur

Ekdantam Dental Clinic to ensure your safety follows the ADA guided sterilization process, which includes:

✅ Instrument Cleaning

✅ Ultrasonic Cleaning

✅ Packaging and Autoclave

✅ Ultra Violet Chamber

✅ Fumigation of the clinic

Spore system like 3M ESPE is used to monitor sterilization. This comes with a 20-year product history and ensures that the sterilization controls and standards are above the required standards.

Review of Dental Work in Jaipur

Watch on YouTube: “Patient Review of Dental Work in Jaipur”
Patient Review of Dental Work at Ekdantam Clinic

Dental Tourism in Jaipur

Jaipur is home to India’s most ornate royal palaces built hundreds of years ago and is a popular tourist destination.

It was painted pink in 1876 to welcome Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert – giving it the nickname of – The Pink City. [3]

Popularly known as the pink city of India, it is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The Jantar Mantar and The Amer Fort! [4]

This city has so much to offer which is why we made a guide for you.

Things To Do

Jaipur’s Cuisine

Rajasthani cuisine boasts a never-ending platter with a range of dishes, from tangy drinks to spicy starters.

Jaipur is known for its Dal Batti Churma, a wholesome Rajasthani meal.

Dal, or lentil curry, is served with Baati, which is spicy, and the sweet Choorma, is a dish made with flour, jaggery, and ghee.

Dal Batti Churma

Dal Batti Choorma

Ghewar, a traditional Rajasthani mithai or sweet dish is made of flour and fried in ghee or oil.

Its sweetness comes from the sugar syrup it’s dipped in.

It looks like a honeycomb and is Rajasthan’s sweet speciality!



Don’t miss the chance to indulge your taste buds when you visit Jaipur!

How to Reach?

There are direct flights from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia to Delhi and Mumbai.

The easiest option is to travel to New Delhi and from there to Jaipur.

Direct Flights to New Delhi, India
From To Duration Cost
UK New Delhi, India 9 hours £300 to £600
USA New Delhi, India 17-19 hours $800-$2000
Australia New Delhi, India 14-16 hours $500-$700

Upon arrival in Delhi, you can reach Jaipur by car, train, or a flight.

🚗| By Car

  • The distance between Delhi and Jaipur is around 260 km.
  • It takes approximately 4 hours to reach Jaipur and, can cost about $26-$40.

🚝 | By Train

  • In all 39 trains run from Delhi to Jaipur.
  • It takes 4 hours to reach Jaipur’s Railway Station.
  • The maximum fare is around $17 per person.

✈️ | By Flight

  • The easiest way to reach Jaipur is by flight.
  • The total duration of the flight is 1 hour 10 minutes.
  • It can cost up to $40 per person.

Visa Requirements

Residents of up to 156 countries seeking to visit India for medical treatment and their attendant can apply for an e-Visa here.

To be eligible for an e-Visa-

✅ The applicant’s passport should have at least six months of validity

✅ International Travellers should have a return ticket or onward journey ticket

Sufficient money to spend during their stay in India.

⭐ An e-Medical Visa and e-Medical Attendant Visa is granted for 60 days upon arrival in India and allows triple entries.

Source: Bureau Of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs India [10]

Emergency Numbers

It’s always better to be prepared while traveling internationally. Here’s a list of emergency numbers that might come in handy.

Police: 100

Ambulance: 108

Blood Bank: 1910

Fire Fighters: 101

Women Helpline: 181

Emergency number: 112

Some Important Tips

Cover yourself and dress conservatively – You will draw a lot of unwanted attention if you don’t dress conservatively.

Vendors quote a high price – You’re expected to haggle and buy it at a lower price.

Watch out for any pickpockets – Do not carry too much cash in public.

Carry a hand sanitizer and toilet paper – It may not be available in public bathrooms.

Carry your earphones – India is full of bustling streets all day long, it can be quite an adjustment if you aren’t used to noise.


Jaipur’s varied hues, unique architecture, lip-smacking food, and bustling streets truly capture the essence of India.

Dental Work in Jaipur allows you to get quality dentistry at affordable prices and get a rich taste of the culture and history of India!


Dental Work in Jaipur ensures you save up to 60% as compared to the US and Australia.

Procedures like a root canal treatment cost up to $2000 in the US whereas the same treatment costs only $115 in India.

You can save up to 85% by getting All on four implants from Jaipur as compared to the US.

They can cost up to $24,000 in the US whereas only $3,500-$5000 in India.

Thousands of people from all over the world visit India every year for their medical treatment. [11]

Dental work in Jaipur, moreover at our partner clinic – Ekdantam Dental Clinic, is safe.

At Ekdantam Dental Clinic to ensure your safety they follow the American Dental Association guided sterilization process.

The cost of living and the cost of setting up a dental clinic in India is much cheaper than that of the US [12] and Australia. [13]

Which is why dental work in India is affordable as compared to the US and Australia.

Ready to bask in the colors of pink city?

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