Escape to sunny dental tourism in Barcelona, Spain, for affordable dental care! Say 'adios' to high costs - with up to 60% savings compared to the UK/US, a cost-effective choice for those without insurance! Scroll down to know how.

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Step beyond routine visits and embark on an attractive journey.

Dental Tourism in Barcelona, Spain Reviews

Let’s explore reviews from the UK and US for insights on care quality, expertise, and satisfaction.

Now, let’s ensure the treatment stays within budget.

Take a look at the pricing details in Barcelona in the next section. 

Cost of Dentistry in Barcelona, Spain

The cost of dentistry is cost-effective, ranging from €300/$350 to €9,300/$10,000.

What is the real icing on the cake?

Enjoy savings of up to 60-70% compared to dental costs in the UK and US!

For example, the cost of dental implant (titanium single dental implants with an abutment) in Barcelona will only bill you €1,200/$1,300

In contrast, the same procedure in the UK costs €3,300; in the US, it costs $5,000.

That’s an amazing 64% less!

And if you’re considering Snap on denture (4 implants), it costs €4,000/$4,300 in Barcelona.

The same treatment would cost €8,400 in the UK and $15,000 in the US.

That’s over 72% in savings.

Check the table below for other dentist Barcelona prices compared to the UK and US.

Cost of Dental Work in Barcelona vs. US (USD)
Procedure Barcelona USA Savings
Titanium Implant* $1,256 $5,000 75%
Mini Dental Implant* $1,256 $1,500 17%
All-on-4 Dental Implants** $8,062 $24,000 65%
All-on-6 Dental Implants** $9,957 $28,000 65%
Same-Day Implant with provisional Crown $1,389 $3,000 54%
Bone graft $870 $1,200 26%
Crowns & Bridges
Porcelain Crown for Implants* $1,015 $1,800 47%
Porcelain E-Max Crown for Implants* $1,015 $2,000 50%
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown $748 $1,100 32%
Full Porcelain Crown $800 $2,000 60%
Zirconium Crown $800 $2,000 60%
Porcelain Veneer per unit $855 $2,500 66%
Zirconium Ceramic Veneer per unit $855 $2,500 66%
Snap-on Denture (2 implants)** $3,634 $6,000 35%
Snap-on-Denture (3 implants)** $3,955 $10,000 60%
Snap-on-Denture (4 implants)** $4,276 $15,000 72%
Temporary Acrylic Full Denture $588 $1,900 69%
Temporary Acrylic Partial Denture $300 $2,000 85%
Other Dental Procedures
Fixed Metal Braces (inclusive of monthly adjustment fees) $4,265 $6,000 29%
Invisalign Lite** $3,049 $5,000 39%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction*** $320 $550 42%
Root Canal $320 $1,000 68%
*(with abutment), **(per arch),  ***(Fully Impacted)
Prices are case-dependent

Cost of Dental Work in Barcelona vs UK (EUR)
Procedure Barcelona UK Savings
Titanium Implant* €1,175 €3,284 64%
Mini Dental Implant* €1,175 €1,400 16%
All-on-4 Dental Implants** €7,451 €16,000 53%
All-on-6 Dental Implants** €9,314 €18,000 48%
Same-Day Implant with provisional Crown €1,300 €1,350 3%
Bone graft €800 €1,500 47%
Crowns & Bridges
Porcelain Crown for Implants* €950 €1,600 41%
Porcelain E-Max Crown for Implants* €950 €1,600 41%
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown €700 €1,000 30%
Full Porcelain Crown €750 €2,500 70%
Zirconium Crown €750 €1,368 45%
Porcelain Veneer per unit €800 €1,461 45%
Zirconium Ceramic Veneer per unit €800 €1,461 45%
Snap-on Denture (2 implants)** €3,400 €5,600 40%
Snap-on-Denture (3 implants)** €3,700 €6,000 38%
Snap-on-Denture (4 implants)** €4,000 €8,400 52%
Temporary Acrylic Full Denture €550 €1,020 27%
Temporary Acrylic Partial Denture €300 €1,000 70%
Other Dental Procedures
Fixed Metal Braces (inclusive of monthly adjustment fees) €3,990 €5,000 20%
Invisalign Lite** €3,049 €4,000 24%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction*** €300 €510 41%
Root Canal €320 €650 51%
*(with abutment), **(per arch),  ***(Fully Impacted)
Prices are case-dependent

Save 60 to 70% in Barcelona!

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Why Choose Barcelona, Spain, for Dental Tourism?

Dental care in Barcelona, Spain, is chosen due to limited access and high costs in the UK and US.

Intense competition and lower operating costs in Spain ensure top-notch care at a fraction of UK and US prices.

Therefore, you can save up to 60% and make Spain an affordable alternative.

Spanish healthcare meets EU standards.

Dentists in Spain undergo extensive training and continuous education.

Therefore, you get good quality dental care from our well-qualified dentists.

Modern dental clinics in Barcelona offer advanced technologies such as Cerec's 3D digital system and 3D CBCT radiology.

Thus, our clinic provides efficient and high-quality dental care to local and international patients.

Our partner clinics' staff are fluent in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

This ensures effective communication and comfort throughout the process.

The city is easily accessible from the UK and the US.

There are numerous direct flights offered by low-cost airlines.

Combine your dental care with a holiday in Barcelona.

The Mediterranean climate and vibrant lifestyle add an extra incentive.

Source:  The upcoming [1]


Why Choose Barcelona, Spain, for Dental Tourism?

Why Choose Barcelona, Spain, for Dental Tourism?

Let’s explore top dental clinics in Barcelona for quality care!

Dental Clinics in Barcelona, Spain

Nart Dental Clinic, Clinica Dental Puyuelo and Smalia Dental Clinic are centrally located in Barcelona.

Let’s explore top dental clinics in Barcelona, combining quality care with easy access to vibrant city life.

Check out these clinics’ features to ensure a comfortable and advanced dental experience.

Moving on, meet the highly skilled dentists dedicated to your oral health.

Top Dentists in Barcelona, Spain

Quality dental care awaits!

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Dental Procedures Offered in Barcelona, Spain

Experience top dental care, from advanced to basic procedures like scaling and braces.

Discover popular options below.

Dental Tourism in Barcelona, Spain

Dental tourists in Barcelona, Spain, are drawn by quality care and lively tourism scenes.

Did you know? Barcelona is called the “Best Beach City” by National Geographic.

Its artificial beaches are as good as the real thing!

Barcelona has 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites recognized for their amazing architecture.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is Spain’s second-largest and the largest on the Mediterranean coast.

Source: Cuddly Nest [7]

What Is the Best Time To Visit Barcelona, Spain?

The best times to visit the city of Barcelona, Spain, are

Summer months (June-Aug) boast exciting festivals like Primavera Sound.

Fall (Sep-Dec) brings deals and lively festivals like La Mercè.

Winter (Jan-Mar) is perfect for Carnival and local delights.

Spring (Apr-May) offers romance on Sant Jordi’s Day and free museum nights.

How To Reach Barcelona, Spain?

  • Fly: Land at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat or nearby Girona and Reus airports.
  • Drive: Access via AP-7 and C-32 from France or AP-7 from the south, with ample parking.
  • Train: Take high-speed rail links to France, Zurich, Milan, and multiple Spanish destinations.
  • Boat: Barcelona is the Mediterranean’s top cruise hub, hosting nine terminals.

Source: Barcelona Turisme [8]

Planning to fly to Barcelona? Here are the details.

Flights from the UK and US to Barcelona
City Duration Stops
London (STN) 2hr 10min Nonstop
Manchester (MAN) 2hr 15min Nonstop
Belfast (BFS) 6hr 5min 1 stop
Boston (BOS) 9hr 45min 1 stop
New York (JFK) 10hr 5 min 1 stop
San Francisco (SFO) 14hr 35min 1 stop

Spain Entry Requirements

Spain is part of the Schengen area and an EU member.

The Schengen area has common visa rules and no internal border checks.

Get your passport stamped upon entering the Schengen area.

EU nationals can enter Spain with a valid ID or passport.

For non-EU entry:

  • Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Funds: Provide evidence of ample financial resources.
  • Return Ticket: Possess a confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Travel Health Insurance: Secure comprehensive health insurance for your stay.

Visa Exemption: EU, UK, US, and Canadian citizens enjoy visa-free stays for up to 90 days in Barcelona, Spain.

No visa is required for a 180 day period.

Stay Period: Non-EU citizens can stay in Spain for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Source: Schengen Visa [9] , [10]

Where Can I Stay in Barcelona, Spain?

Many budget-friendly and safe hotels nearby offer a cozy stay in the vicinity.

Here are some suggestions.

Tours in Barcelona, Spain

Even the moon was embarrassed by the beauty of Barcelona. – Andrew Barger [11]

Barcelona is mostly Spanish-speaking, yet it’s this vibrant mix of cultures.

Barcelona, often called the “Paris of Spain,” is like a cultural treasure chest in the northeast.

It’s not just a major port; it’s a vibe – with cool architecture, a mix of mountains and sea, and streets buzzing with life. [12]

It’s basically the city that keeps on giving!

Source: LOT [13]

Now, let’s save some cash while exploring Barcelona’s gems with these simple tips.

Tip for Savings at Barcelona’s Top Attractions

Source: listsbylukiih [14]

Let’s explore diverse local food to taste the city’s unique charm.


Spaniards adore its cuisine!

De la panza sale la danza,” which means “From the stomach comes the dance”. [15]

Let’s savor the richness of Spanish cuisine!





Source: The Tour Guy [16]


Let’s explore some of the favored local beverages to immerse in the Barcelona spirit.



Barcelona's special fizzy drink, Cava, comes from Penedès in Catalonia.



Spanish horchata from Valencia—a tasty sip for summer made from tiger nuts

Source: Speakeasy [17]

Here are some essential facts about Barcelona, Spain:

  • Barcelona is ranked 6th globally, praised as an “almost ideal European city” by Resonance. [18]
  • Sim cards: People use different SIM cards in Barcelona, like Movistar or Vodafone. Movistar is popular because it works well everywhere in the city. [19]
  • Public transport: Metro is affordable and efficient. Hola Barcelona Card offers unlimited rides for 2-5 days.

Dental Tourism in Barcelona Statistics

Dental tourism in Barcelona statistics is set to hit a $1 billion market by 2030 with a steady 5.4% growth.

And what’s even cooler?

Dental tourism in Barcelona Spain 2023 is making waves too!

Spain experienced a 24% population increase from 1992 to 2022.

The number of dentists increased from 3,946 to 37,787, reshaping the dentist-to-population ratio.

Source: Insight10 [20]

Looking at the numbers, we can see that Barcelona is a safe place for dental tourism.

Now, let’s find out why.

Is Dental Tourism in Barcelona, Spain Safe?

With a 77.8 Safe City Index, Barcelona is the 11th safest city worldwide, ensuring secure travel. [21]

Here are key safety tips for your worry-free exploration:

  • Stay vigilant in crowded areas
  • Choose reputable services
  • Keep valuables secure
  • Respect local customs and traditions

Explore Barcelona confidently, enjoying its beauty and culture while prioritizing safety

  • Spanish dental care aligns with EU standards and emphasizes excellence.
  • Dentists in Barcelona receive extensive training and continuous education.
  • Modern dental clinics in Barcelona have advanced technologies for efficient, high-quality care.
  • The clinic adheres to global dental standards, accredited by EAO, EFP, ESCD, IADR, IAO, ICOI, and ITI.

Make your trip smoother by picking up on these Spanish basics:

  • Yes: Si
  • Hello: Hola
  • Please: Por Favcor
  • Thank you: Gracias
  • No: No
  • Goodbye: Adiós
  • How are you: Cómo estás?
  • Need a doctor: Necesito un doctor


Dental tourism in Barcelona, Spain, provides an excellent solution for your dental needs.

There’s no reason to delay, with potential savings of up to 60% and a vacation bonus in this vibrant city.


Dentistry in Barcelona, Spain, can save you up to 60-70% on treatment costs.

For example, In Barcelona, titanium dental implants with an abutment cost only €1,175.

Therefore, a remarkable 64% less than the UK's €3,284 price.

And if you're considering the all on 4 treatment in Barcelona, it's attractively priced at $8,062.

The same treatment would cost you back $24,000 in the US.

That's over 65% in savings.

Spain combines competitive pricing and quality standards.

Spanish dentists prioritize oral health, offering accessible and cost-effective treatments.

Considering dental tourism in Barcelona? Just a gentle heads-up:

Quality Note: Dental care rules may vary abroad, not as strict as in the home country.

Health Reminder: Keep an eye out for potential water-related issues during dental adventures.

Medical History Check: Your complete medical history might not be on file, so it's worth keeping in mind.

Just a few things to ponder before diving into dental treatment abroad! [22]

Let's plan your dental journey to Barcelona, Spain!

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