This videos shows the patient Charessa Lyle from Texas discussing her Dental Implant trip to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Watch on YouTube: “Teeth Implants in Costa Rica – Patient Testimonial”

Video Narration

“Charessa Lyle, Tyler Texas. How it came about is that my husband and I were talking about I would share with him what would my dream would be.

You know what some people say oh I wanna go to Hawaii, I wanna go to Australia I said no I want my teeth.

One thing that really really really was that really touched my heart was the staff was so caring, they were so attentive.

I felt like, when my husband and I left, it felt like family.

I mean to go to another country, a place where you have never been before, all you saw is on the map, on the internet and you to go to a place that you felt like home.

That’s how I felt. And I would go back if I can if I had to. I mean beautiful people. It was really different, especially when this phone right here was left her in Tyler Texas.

Didn’t know the language, did not know the currency, did not know that where I was. But I know that I was there for my miracle and God worked it all out.”

Dental clinics in Costa Rica offer all kinds of dental treatments at affordable prices and the dental surgeons are well qualified and highly experienced in handling complex cases of Dental Implants.

Dentistry in Costa Rica can be 75% cheaper than that in the US or Canada.

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