Dental implants in Hanoi can give you a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Other than just replacing missing teeth, it can prove to be easy on your pockets as well.

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High-quality dental care is easy to find in Hanoi. Hanoi is an ancient city that you can visit with the whole family since there are many attractions and sights.

Hanoi has seen rapid modernization in recent years, yet the locals have maintained old traditions. [1]

There is enough in the city to satisfy a tourist seeking dental implant treatment.

Cost of Dental Implants in Hanoi

Having a dental implant placed in is a very expensive treatment in developed countries.

However, in Hanoi, it costs just one-half or one-third of what you pay in your country.

To see how affordable an implant is in Hanoi, refer to the cost table below.

The table compares the costs of different types of dental implants in Hanoi to that in the USA and Australia.

Dental Work Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)
Dental Implant Type USA Australia Hanoi
Titanium Implant* 2300 1200 450
Zirconium Implant* 2900 2200 670
Titanium Implant^ 5500 4500 1,100
Zirconia implant^ 6000 2450 2000
All-on-4® 22,500 19,500 6000
All-on-6 28,000 21,000 10,000
All-on-8 29,500 23,500 12,000
Mini Implants 1000 850 440
Zygomatic Implants 32,000 27,500 18,800
* Screw only; ^ Screw + Abutment + Crown

As you can see from the above table, you can save anywhere from 50% to 75% by opting for dental implants in Hanoi.

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Why Dental Implants in Hanoi?

Affordable Prices

  • Cost of dental implants of the same brands is 50% to 75% cheaper than USA/ Australia
  • The costs of accommodation, food, and beverages are low as compared to first-world countries. [2]

Quality Services in Dental Clinics

  • Dental clinics that cater to international patients are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies.
    • These include OP300 PANOREX + CONE BEAM or Phot-X IIS.

Rapid Recognition for Dental Tourism

  • Thousands of tourists flock to Hanoi for dental treatment.
  • The developed countries have become aware of their dental services industry. [3]

Central Location

  • It is convenient to reach Hanoi via direct flights from most cities in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

English-speaking Staff

  • Vietnamese is the primary language spoken in Hanoi.
  • However, English is spoken by the dental staff and those in the medical and dental tourism industry. [4]

Recommended Clinics in Hanoi

Australian Dental Clinic, Hanoi
Australian Dental Clinic
4.8 (213 Reviews)
Số 3 Nguyễn Du, P, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Mon - Fri 8:30 AM to 7 PM
  • Australian Dental Clinic has been in service for its local and international patients since 2006.
  • It is located right in the heart of Hanoi city, and just five-minute walking distance from the famous Hoan Kiem Lake.

The lead dentist, Dr. Pham Duy Quang, is an expert in Implant Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is surgically placed in the jaw and it looks and feels like a natural tooth.

A typical dental implant consists of three parts:

Screw: Provides a strong base for supporting the artificial tooth or teeth. This portion is inserted into the bone.

Crown: Commonly called a dental cap, a crown is a cap that completely encircles the screw.

Abutment: The connector between the screw and the crown.Dental Implant

Dental Implant

In cases where there is insufficient width and depth of the jaw bone, dentists perform techniques, such as bone grafting or a sinus lift.

It helps in rebuilding the jawbone and providing a strong foundation for supporting implants.

Advantages of Dental Implant

  • Grinding adjacent tooth structure is not required. [5]
  • Chewing performance is better, even for hard foods.
  • Jawbone does not recede due to implant insertion. [6]
  • Maintenance not required, as it is with dentures.
  • A long-term solution to tooth loss.

Dental Implant

Dental Material Used for Implants

Titanium dental implant

Zirconium dental implant

Titanium Implant

  • Lightweight
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Compatible with the oral tissues
  • Traditionally used as a dental implant material
  • Less costly

Zirconium Implant

  • Metal-free crystal material
  • Tooth-colored
  • Retains less plaque
  • Compatible with the oral tissues
  • Preferred for replacement of anterior teeth
  • More Costly

Types of Dental Implants

The type of dental implant your dentist proposes depends largely upon:

  • Number of teeth that need replacement
  • Condition of gums and jawbone

The All-on-4 treatment concept is patented by Nobel Biocare. [7]

This type involves inserting four implants in either of the jaws – two upright and two tilted at 45 degrees.

Using this technique, one gets a stable denture with minimum implants.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Advantages of All-on-4®

  • Immediate Function
  • Ideal for full-mouth restorations
  • Minimally invasive since only four implants are inserted
  • Avoid additional procedures, such as bone grafting/sinus lift
  • Better patient satisfaction and high recommendation

This type involves restoration of the full arch on either six or eight erect implants.

All-on-6/8 dental implants are needed to be erected when the patient has lost a significant number of teeth in either jaw.

All-on-6 Implants

All-on-6 Implants

Advantages of All-on-6/ 8

  • Immediate functioning
  • Replacement of all missing teeth in an arch on only 6/8 implants
  • Cost-effective, since full-mouth replacement on 6/8 implants
  • Avoids additional procedures, such as bone grafting/sinus lift
  • Stable and long-term alternative to traditional dentures

Zygomatic implants are meant for patients who have a receded upper jawbone.

Insufficient bone makes conventional implants impossible. Zygomatic implants are only used in the upper arch.

The implants are not placed in the jawbone, but in the zygomatic bone, i.e. the cheekbone.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic Implants

Advantages of Zygomatic Implants

  • Best when conventional implants cannot be placed
  • Avoids bone grafting and sinus lift, thus minimizing cost
  • Performed when procedures, such as sinus lift or bone graft, have failed

A hybrid denture is implant-supported. It need not be removed from the mouth for cleaning or brushing.

It is a newer alternative to the traditional denture and combines traditional denture with dental implants.

Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid Dentures

Advantages of Hybrid Dentures

  • No need for messy adhesives to keep dentures in place
  • Soaking overnight in denture solution is not required
  • No need to remove before sleeping as in case of traditional dentures

Dental implants that are smaller or narrower in diameter are called mini implants.

They are roughly the size of a tooth-pick and are primarily used in the anterior region of the lower jaw.

Mini dental implants

Mini dental implants

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

  • Less expensive
  • Comfortable to place
  • Minimally-invasive technique
  • Avoid additional procedures, such as bone grafting/ sinus lift

When is Mini Implant preferred over the Traditional Dental Implant?

  • In medically compromised patients, in whom traditional surgical implant procedures or bone grafting/ ridge augmentation cannot be done.
  • In patients who cannot afford the traditional implants. [8]
  • When a patient cannot visit the clinic twice and wants full implants in just one visit. [9]

Ideal vs. Poor Candidate for Dental Implants

Candidate for Dental Implants
Criteria Ideal Candidate Poor Candidate
Overall Health Healthy individual Poor overall general health
Age Adult patients with fully developed jawbones A young child with jawbones not fully developed
Gum health Has healthy gums Poor gum/ periodontal health
Jaw bone Has enough jawbone to support the implant Receded jawbone due to missing teeth for a long time
Habits Non-smoker Smoker; Drug or alcohol addict
Oral hygiene Maintains oral hygiene by twice daily brushing Does not maintain oral hygiene
Clinic Visits Does regular implant health checks in dental clinic Misses periodic dental visits
Radiotherapy No previous radiation treatment of the mouth Previously undergone radiation therapy of the mouth for cancer

Am I the Right Patient for Implants?

Below is a set of five questions. If you agree to most of these, then you likely need the treatment!

  • Are you having at least one or quite a few missing teeth?
  • Do you use dentures, but not satisfied with it?
  • Does your denture not allow you to speak and chew with confidence?
  • Are you looking for a permanent and long-term solution for your missing teeth?
  • Do you have a previously fixed bridge that you think needs replacement with a better solution?


Dental implants need to fuse to the bone via a process called osseointegration. Full integration can take many months to complete. Your doctor determines when it is safe to begin the next phase of treatment. Each case is different.

~Dr. Erin N Erickson, DDS

Travel Tips

Dental Tourism in Hanoi

Dental Tourism in Hanoi

General Tips

While Hanoi being the capital city, is not as conservative as the rest of Vietnam. [10]

Shorts should be fine to wear. However, when visiting religious sites, it is advisable to dress appropriately as a sign of respect.

You may read the book, “The Beauty of Humanity Movement” by Camilla Gibb.

It is about a Vietnamese-American woman’s return to her homeland after the Vietnam War. Much of it is set in Hanoi. [11]

Accommodation & Stay

You may consider the below hotels. These are just 2 to 12 minutes walking distance from the Australian dental clinic:

Eating out

  • You can have sit-down meals for less than 5 USD.
  • A full meal with an imported beer at a Western-style restaurant is not more than 8 to 11 USD. [12]
  • Avoid tap water. Carry a bottle of packaged water wherever you go. [13]

Your dentist in Hanoi will best inform you of the type of dental implants you need.

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