The video shows a Virginia resident, director at the US government research institute, speaking about the cleanliness of the Los Algodones dental clinic and sheer professionalism of the staff.

Watch on YouTube: “Cleanliness at Algodones Dental Center – Patient Story”

Video Narration:

“I think from tme that …and I arrived at the clinic, there was air of professionalism, whether it was filling in the paper work, asking who we were, where we had come from, the cleanliness of the clinic itself.

“Talking to some of the other clients, who were from primarily the US and even people as far as Alaska.

They were coming back, some of them the second treatments and their comments were extremely positive, obviously because they’ve come back for the second time.

“They also commented on the professionalism, the cleanliness and I think the confidence they had in the staff’s here because you not only have consultation which you could walk away from.

You have the doctor actually practicing the techniques, the activities and also have labs who are making prosthesis.

“So, there is a complete connection, everything is very clean and this morning I had the opportunity to actually look through the labs.

Also said that I was interested in the labs, specially from the work I do and again you can see very clean, very professional, each technician with their own lab making a unique piece for the patients.”

The hygiene and safety in Algodones dental center are no different from that in the US.

This emphasis on cleanliness is prompting patients to arrive in droves in Algodones for quality dental care at lowest cost possible.

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