Whether or not your kid’s teeth look healthy, their oral cavity might tell a very different story. Don’t worry! The best pediatric dentist in Dubai has got you covered.

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Your kid’s baby teeth are crucial for shaping the health of their future permanent teeth.

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Kickstart your child’s journey towards healthy teeth & gums for years to come.

Take your child for their first dental visit as soon as the first tooth appears or before they turn one. [1]

This blog covers doubts you might have about your child’s oral health. Continue reading to find out.

Hold on! Let’s keep in mind the 👶 pearls of wisdom first.

  • Protect your oral health while pregnant.
  • Ensure to wipe your baby’s gum after each meal.
  • Avoid putting your baby to bed with a bottle.
  • Remember to teach your kid to brush twice daily.
  • Limit food and drinks with added sugars.
  • Schedule the first dental visit at 6 months.

Source: CDC [2]

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Dubai for Your Kid?

Pedodontists are your child’s dental experts. Additionally, they have extra years added to their experience to cater to children.

They tend to your tiny tot’s oral care needs with special care and attention.

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Healthy teeth will give your child a bright & confident smile for years to follow.

Given below are reasons to choose a kid’s dental specialist in Dubai.

Baby Teeth Specialists

Did you know that milk teeth guide adult teeth into the oral cavity?

Also, primary tooth decay can damage the underlying teeth. [3]

Your child’s pediatric dentist in Dubai can study the growth patterns in the oral cavity to catch abnormalities early.

Early detection and treatment of cavities can help prevent the loss of future adult teeth from infection.

Experts in Handling Children

Handling a child in a dental setup has its challenges. A bad first dental experience can stay with your kid forever.

Pedodontists are experts in child behavior management.

This ensures that even the most unwilling child is treated with utmost affection and care.

Dental Clinic & Staff Dedicated to Kids

Pediatric dental clinics are a warm and interactive abode for your child.

From wall illustrations and customized instruments to kid-friendly dental staff in their “superhero” scrubs, that is your child’s dental clinic in Dubai.

Our trained pedodontics ensures your child is greeted with a fearless and stress-free environment.

Kid's Dental Clinic in Dubai

Child theme dental clinic in Dubai

Kid's Theme Dental Clinic

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Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

We have curated a list of top pediatric dentists in Dubai for you to choose from.

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Common Kids' Dental Problems

Have you ever noticed your child’s recurring habit of sucking on their thumb?

As a child get’s older,  lack of oral care and the development of oral habits can lead to tooth decay & abnormalities.

Remember, a pediatric dentist can only access and treat your kid. Your kid’s oral health starts at home.

Child Thumb sucking

Child Sucking His Thumb

Given below are familiar kids’ dental problems in Dubai, followed by their prevention & management you can keep in mind as a parent.

A child sucks on their thumb as it provides a soothing effect against the irritation caused due to erupting teeth. [4]

It is a non-nutritive habit and tends to stop between the age of 2 to 4 years.

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However, if it is a constant habit in later years and it can cause problems in the oral structures. [5]

These include tooth deformities like malocclusion in front teeth and can even cause nail deformation.

How to stop my child from sucking on his thumb? Well, find out below.

Thumb Sucking Management

  • Parental advice
  • Habit breaking appliances
  • Behavior management techniques include positive reinforcement, a reward system, or counseling.

Source: NIH [6]

Parent stopping child from thumbsucking

Parental Intervention to Break Habit

Habit Breaking Appliance

Habit Breaking Appliance

Tooth decay or dental caries can lead to infections and pain.

This may hamper your child’s day-to-day activities, such as eating, sleeping, speech, and learning. [7]

They might even have to miss their school and playtime.

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What causes cavities in children?

Several risk factors lead to tooth decay in children.

These include: [8]

  • Genetics
  • Consumption of sugary foods & drinks
  • Special kids
  • Braces& oral appliances

Dental Caries in Children

Dental Caries in Kids

If your child is 71 months or younger and more than one tooth is decayed or missing in their oral cavity, it is called early childhood caries (ECC). [9]

Nursing bottle caries occurs in babies and infants due to improper feeding habits & lack of oral hygiene.

Avoid putting your baby to bed with a bottle. Sugars from bottled milk lead to tooth decay. [10]

What to do if my child has a toothache?

If a child complains of tooth pain, you can give them warm saline rinses to relieve the tenderness.

Medicine can be given with a dentist's consultation.

You should take your kid to a pediatric dentist as early as possible to prevent further aches & decay from cavities.

Toothache in kids

Toothache in Kids

Keep the following tips in mind to help prevent cavities in children.

Management of Dental Caries in Kids

Brushing and good oral care are necessary to remove cavity-causing bacteria and sugars.

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For children younger than 6 years of age, their parents must assist them with brushing and teach them the proper technique.

  • For Babies
    • Wipe your baby’s gums with a soft & sterile cloth after their first meal in the morning and before bedtime.
    • Visit a dentist when your child’s first tooth appears.
    • The use of fluoride varnish can help to prevent cavities. Consult your kid’s dentist for the same.
  • For Children
    • Brush twice daily with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste using a small bristled brush.
    • Dental sealants to the rescue.
    • Drink fluorinated water

Source: CDC [11]

Any alterations in the development of the teeth can cause deformities in the oral cavity.

This causes changes in the shape & size of teeth and leads to malalignment of the teeth. [12]

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Also, oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, & use of pacifiers for a prolonged time can cause malocclusion.

Management of Dental Malocclusion

Early detection and growth patterns can help detect tooth anomalies.

Malocclusion in children

Proclined Upper Teeth

Orthodontic treatment for children

Braces for Kids

Orthodontic intervention at a young age has higher advantages than getting it done as an adult. [13] This is known as interceptive orthodontics.

Child Oral Care Tips

Did you know that tooth decay can begin as early as age 1?

The following chart has all you need to know about child oral health care.

So print it, screenshot it, & paste it. Child Oral Care Tips

Child Oral Care Tips

Source: CDC [14]

Apart from brushing twice daily, here are other tips to keep your kid’s teeth healthy and instill good oral hygiene habits in them.

Child oral care is incomplete without flossing.

  • You can floss your child’s teeth when they are 2-3 years old and have two teeth that touch. [15]
  • They will require your assistance until they are 8 - 10.
  • Use gentle motions to remove food stuck between teeth.

Child Learning to Floss

Child Learning to Floss

Always take the advice of your child’s dentist before you introduce flossing to your kid.

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Did you know that cleaning your child’s tongue is equally important?

  • Bad breath or halitosis occurs due to bacteria on the tongue.
  • Tongue-cleaning habits lead to fewer halitosis problems. [16]
  • Use gentle strokes of a soft toothbrush while cleaning your child’s tongue.

Child Cleaning Tongue

Child Cleaning Tongue

For babies, take a soft and clean piece of cloth on your finger and gently rub it onto their tongue, gums & cheeks to clean them. [17]

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The following food habits will help your child keep tooth decay monsters away! [18]

  • Include calcium-rich foods in your kid’s diet, like milk, broccoli, yogurt, etc.
  • Replace sticky and sugary snacks like candies and cookies with fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid canned juices and sodas.

Healthy Food for children

Healthy Food for Kids

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Child Dental Care Practices

The following child dental care practices are employed at our top pediatric clinics in Dubai.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Dubai?

Laser dentistry has become popular for treating various dental conditions in children.Laser Dentistry by pediatric dentist in Dubai

Laser Dentistry in Children

One of the major benefits of laser dentistry for children is that it can treat many conditions, including cavities, gum disease, and even tongue tie.

This means that children can receive adequate treatment for their dental issues without requiring invasive procedures or uncomfortable instruments.

A concentrated beam of light removes diseased or damaged tissue without causing harm to the surrounding tissues.

In addition, laser dentistry is much faster than traditional dental procedures.

Children can spend less time in the dental chair, and anxiety and discomfort are reduced.

Source: NIH [19]

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is sometimes necessary for children who are too young or anxious to tolerate dental procedures. [20]

General Anesthesia for Kid's Dentistry

General Anesthesia for Kid’s Dentistry

It induces a state of unconsciousness and numbness, allowing the dentist to perform the necessary work.

Did you ever question, “Is general anesthesia safe for my child?

Although sedation dentistry for kids carries some risks, general anesthesia is a safe and effective option when performed by a qualified anesthesiologist and dental team.

During conscious sedation, a drug depresses the central nervous system (CNS), but verbal contact is maintained throughout the period of sedation. [21]

Your kid’s dentist provided you with detailed instructions about sedation before the start of the procedure.

Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can occur when a child's tooth gets knocked out, also known as avulsion.

What to do if my kid knocks out his tooth after a fall?

Act quickly to increase the chance of saving the tooth.

Save the knocked-out tooth in milk

Storing Knocked-Out Tooth in Milk

First, retrieve the tooth and rinse it gently with milk, saline, or saliva, and do not touch the root.

If possible, gently place the tooth back into its socket or store it in milk or saliva.

Immediately seek dental care for your child to prevent further damage or infection.

A sudden fall or accident can cause a tooth fracture.

This can damage the permanent tooth bud and cause pain & infection. [22]

In such situations, calm the child first and rinse the affected area with salt water.

If bleeding occurs in the surrounding tissues, try to stop it by gently pressing it with a sterile gauze.

First Aid for broken tooth

First Aid for Broken Tooth

Seek help from a dentist or take your kid to an emergency room as soon as possible.

The treatment options include extraction, pulpectomy, or restorations.

How to Care for the Teeth of a Special Needs Child?

Children with special needs require special attention when it comes to dental care.

Often they have difficulty brushing or flossing due to physical limitations, cognitive impairments, or behavioral issues.

Pediatric Dentist in Dubai with special needs child

Pediatric Dentist with Special Needs Child

Your pediatric dentist should have experience in handling kids with disabilities.

Dental check-ups should be done regularly; sedation can be used for the procedure if necessary.

Parents should work on establishing good oral hygiene habits at home to promote healthy teeth and gums for their children.

Dental Treatments

Below are the various dental treatments done at children’s dental clinics in Dubai.

How to Take Care of Tiny Teeth: A Guide for Expecting & New Moms

The chances of getting cavities & gum disease are extremely high during pregnancy.

Bacteria from gum infections can reach the fetus and affect your baby’s health. [29]

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Video Courtesy: ERemedium

Keep these in mind for good oral health.

  • It is safe to visit a dentist for a dental checkup before delivering
  • Brush & floss twice daily
Stomach acid due to nausea can cause enamel erosion. Rinse your mouth with 1 teaspoon of baking soda to wash the acid away after getting sick.

If you have a newborn, wipe their gums with a soft cloth after every meal, and don’t let them sleep with a feeding bottle in their mouth.

Gently wipe gums of a newborn


Gently Wipe the Gums of a Newborn


Don’t want your kid to grow older with crooked teeth? Visit a pediatric dentist in Dubai when the first tooth erupts in your child’s oral cavity.

Preventing and restoring cavities of the milk teeth will ensure a healthy set of permanent teeth.

Teach your kid good oral hygiene practices for them to carry on for the rest of their lives.

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Parents should schedule their child's first dental check-up by their first birthday or as soon as their first tooth appears at around 6 months.

This allows the pediatric dentist to identify developmental defects and monitor their teeth.

A child’s dentist has specialized training in dealing with children’s dental health, including how to make them feel comfortable and safe during their visit.

Pediatric clinics are designed to instill a positive experience in your child.

Milk or baby teeth play a significant role in the development & correct alignment of future adult teeth.

They are essential for your child’s speech and aid in chewing their food correctly.

Your infant can experience discomfort while teething. Gently rub over the gums to ease the pain.

You can also feed them chilled mashed fruits like bananas and pears.

Dental radiographs generate images of the oral structures using a beam of charged electrons. The images diagnose oral diseases, dentofacial development, and treatment evaluation. [g]

X-rays for children below 6 years is limited and used only if necessary. [i]

It recommended to use fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities in children.

Flouride prevents demineralization of enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Consult a pediatric dentist in Dubai before using a fluoride toothpaste if your child is younger than 2.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is one the safest sedation options used in child dentistry.

No major side effects have been reported over the years. [j]

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