A reputed prosthodontist from Costa Rica explains the advantages of dental implants.

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Video Narration:

We have been around dental implants for many years. Most of you have probably already heard of or know somebody who has an implant or maybe have an implant yourself.

The implant is the, has really come in to change the way that we did things in dentistry. Implants are not new; they have been around for over twenty-five years.

People call it a post, okay, a dental post, a dental screw, something like that, but the typical name is gonna be a dental implants.

It has come to change the way that we do things in dentistry.

Because now we can rehabilitate the tooth – anywhere from a single tooth to a full mouth – and bring it back to almost normal to what the patient had before they lost those teeth.

In the past we depended on partial removal of dentures that were very uncomfortable and difficult to use, full dentures that has so many problems, dental bridges.

Which we still do a lot of this but you have to compromise the integrity of the teeth on the sides of what the teeth are missing because you need to prepare this teeth of crowns even though they do not need it.

So, the dental implant has so many advantages to it and we are gonna talk a little bit about that.

For example, here we have a model, just in which we gonna show the different ways that teeth could be missing in a patient.

For example, we could be missing just a single tooth either on the front or the back. Can be missing two teeth either on the front or back as well. Or, we can be missing a full segment of teeth.

Also, on top of this, a patient could be missing all of their teeth.

Typically, if we don’t have dental implants, what we would do in a case like this would be to either prepare these two side-teeth through bridges.

Two perfectly sound teeth that don’t need any further treatment, but we will have to prepare those, or these ones on the sides, to do a bridge, or the alternative would be to do a removable partial denture.

That’s gonna have hooks or clasps attached to the adjacent teeth that has constant pressure on top of the gum.

Which produces pain, swelling of the gum and also limits the quality and the type of foods that the patient can really injest in his normal masticatory process.

So, with implants we can rehabilitate these teeth .

Without having to compromise the teeth on the side, the function, the quality of the foods that the patient can masticate, the gums, which are not gonna receive any type of pressure.

So we bring it back to normal what the patient had in the past.

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