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Dental Implants in Phuket – Thailand

Dental Implant (for one tooth) from Au$1,190 Traveling to receive dental implants in Phuket – Thailand can be an attractive option for those living in Australia,  New Zealand, Europe and North America. Besides getting quality and affordable traditional or immediate load implants in Phuket, one can enjoy the warm sun on its beautiful beaches, go on a […]

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Dental Implant Surgery Cost in Phuket – Thailand

Single Dental Implant – US $930 – 1,200 Ever wondered by how much dental implants will set you off in the United States? By about $2,200 per implant! And the damage to your wallet if you plan to have them in Australia? $2,000! And this is just the cost of implant surgery. An abutment and […]

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