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Infection Control at Top Dental Hospital in India

The video shows a leading dental surgeon at a dental hospital in India talking about the preemptive and proactive infection control measures that are taken at the hospital. Implant dentistry in India couldn’t be much safer.   Narration – “In infection control, we follow all measures that are recommended by the Center of Disease Control in the U.S. […]

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Nobel Biocare Implant Dentistry in Chandigarh

The video shows a leading implantologist from Chandigarh discussing the world-renowned brands in implant dentistry. Used exclusively at his implant dentistry clinic in Chandigarh, the quality of these brands is made available at fraction of the cost. In another video, the doctor shares the cost advantage of full mouth restoration in India. Narration – “Most […]

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Methods/Costs of Full Mouth Reconstruction – Indian Dentist

The video shows a leading implant dentist from India discussing different methods full mouth reconstruction. India offers sizable cost advantage over western countries as this Indian dentist outlines the reasons why. Wait, hold your horses, before you head off to India to get your dental rehabilitation done, you should know the risks associated with teeth […]

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Instant Dentures in India

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons – from lack of oral hygiene to painful accidents. If you want a quick fix for missing teeth, instant dentures in India might be your low cost-high value option. The presence of top notch dental facilities and well-trained dentists are the leading reasons why people choose […]

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Dental Tourism India

Dental tourism in India is on the rise, primary because of the influx of patients from First World countries who are hesitant to undergo high cost dental treatments in their home countries. Dental treatments such as having crowns, bridges and teeth implants in India can cost a fraction of the prices charged in the US, […]

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